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Old Medical Records

If hospitals do not keep  medical information after 10 years ,then how can a person retrieve there files when they are needed.
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If old records are not available, then best thing to do is sit down yourself and write the medical history as you remember it. Some tests results you will remember like iron was on low side or thyroid was high. You can put this down. You may not have the actual values but it will give a brief idea. At least it is better than not having a medical record at all. If future keep a copy.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Usually, after seven years, records are destroyed.

X-rays are often destroyed, the only remaining record being the "reading" by the physician, sooner because the silver is reclaimed.

There are statutary reasons, but also legal issues. The hospitals do not like litigation from decades ago. It does not make them happy camper.

An excellent reason for keeping duplicates of your lab tests, medical records and x-rays.

You cannot always trust a hospital to tell you the truth about whether or not they have records over seven years. A simple freedom of information act request is supposed to work, but it ain't necessarily so. Most hospitals simply won't look if the magic number "seven" is flashed before them

What is needed to get them off their duffs and do a thorough search is a document known as a subpoena duces tecum, which is a legal request for documents. A good bottom-feeder will prepare such a document for the cost of a few steak dinners. For more information you can visit your local court and ask to see the pro-se attorney. Most courts have them.
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Many records, after a period, are put into storage.

If the files are destroyed (and you're not given the option of keeping them and the data hasn't been saved on computer) then you can't retrieve them.

Have you asked the medical records department at your local hospital?
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