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On-and-off fluid retention/swelling over the last 6 years.

I have been experiencing what feels like fluid retention/swelling underneath my jaw almost everyday for the last ~6 years. The swelling lasts throughout the day and I don't notice any triggers. The degree of swelling can vary throughout the day and week. It can get even worse when I'm not drinking enough water, but even when I do drink enough water it's still pretty bad. I also keep a low salt intake. The swelling can go down a lot after a hot shower, only for it to swell up again later. Doctors found nothing after feeling my jaw/neck. There were a few times when the pressure was just absolutely unbearable, where I wasn't able to lie down, but it went back to the usual degree of swelling the next day after getting my period. But it still swells up even when I'm not close to my period. I do not experience any pain, aches, or fever alongside the swelling. The discomfort is from the pressure that I feel when the area underneath the back of my jaw is swollen. I do not feel any lumps or anything hard, either. From the outside, it just looks like extra fat around my face, but on rare occasions the swelling goes away and my face looks more defined.

My blood test results showed that I appeared to be immune to mumps. I also just did an MRI with contrast and the results came back normal, as well, although the ENT said that I had a third molar.

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Seen a dentist who specializes in jaw pain?  Might be you've got a tooth problem or a nerve problem in the nerve that goes around the gums or TMJ or a bite problem, given nothing else has been found.
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Thank you for your response. I forgot to mention that both of my hands swell at the same time as my jaw. And I did see a dentist who did not mention any tooth problem after taking y X-Ray. I might see him again, though, just to be sure. Thanks again!
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No idea, but your description of fat around your jaw/neck reminded me of Cushing's disease. Google Images and see if anything looks similar.
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I'll ask my doctor about this. Thank you so much!
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