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Over distended Gallbladder,I started Vometing green stuff?

I was diagnosed with over distended Gallbladder after I have done a Liver Gallbladder flush which have cleared my stuffed Gallbladder,Ihad Gallbladder attack about two weeks ago and I have been in severe pain for the last two weeks,I did a blood test for the following( AST,ALT,GGT,WBC,bilirubin)All were OK
I have had fever,chills,yellowing of the eyes.just to day I started vometing and it was green in coolr and there was something like grain, my doctor wants to remove my Gallbladder
and he refused to give me medication, only pain pills.
I need to know what to do, could I just wait it out and follow
a good fiber diet,the last thing I want to do is have my Gallbladder removed,I am a 48 years old female,married with
three children, and I live in Jordan-Middle east.
should there be medication for over distended Gallbladder.
I am in pain and in fear that my problem would get worst,please tell me what to do,thank you,khola
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you need to go back it is possible that your galbladder may have a stone obstructing a tube from the galbladder to the liver this can cause all your symptoms can you get an mri or a function test where they shoot some oil in an iv and take pitcures to see if the gallbladder contracts properly or find a doctor who will listen to you.  best wishes.
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Hello Doc,
              My husband is 30 yrs old.having IT profession.Recently being sick for few days.he had slipped disc.severe back pain.last two days having very high grade fever.he had been on Monocef,lariago,Hifenac tab.2day when he got up vomitted greenish vomitus.wht could be the cause?please guide what all investigation will be reqd for hm.

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