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Oxycodone weight gain

I started taking OC's about 2 yrs ago- prescribed by my Dr.- due to severe pain from what I know now is degenerative disc disease. He started me on 5 mg and now, I am at 30 mg- 4-5x/day.
I started off at about 140 lbs- which is big for me! I have always been 108-115 my whole life- even at 38!
I am currently over 180 lbs and want to die!! Yes, I am in pain and it keeps me from the gym. Yes, I am depressed. Yes, I eat crap when I'm sad......but recently, I got my *** back to the gym, started eating really clean, etc....and I am still gaining!
Like anyone else in my situation, if I wean off the OC, I won't be able to move! There is NO surgery or treatment for DDD. I've had the PT, the injections/epidurals.....nothing helps and very often, it's accompanied by sciatica! UGH!
I also suffer from severe anxiety and the thought of not having my pills causes panic. But I hate my life, my body, everything. I desperately want to be pain free and off these meds!
Can anyone help?
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LOL! I just asked my Dr. for Phentermine! I have the Rx in my purse! I was on it a few months ago but I hate the heart flutters and jittery feeling. Did you have depression BEFORE your pain and pain meds? I ask because I've had depression since my late teens. I've been on every anti-depressant / mood stabilizer known to man! I saw a new psych. and she took me off Cymbalta and put me on Latuda- a new bi-polar drug. Latuda is known to cause weight loss due to appetite suppression but I'm not bi-polar. I have no mania- no highs, all lows.
You are 100% right about getting out and moving! I went to the gym a couple times in the last 2 weeks and felt great!! I'm also a "depression eater"- hence, the weight gain.
Thanks for your feedback!
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