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I am 26 year old male with BMI of 20.I started having a tingling sensation on my calf at work two weeks ago. I used to do pull up regularity before the pain started i found my chest ache and my left hand muscles became very sore around the heart region.However, the soreness was not what i usually feel from a muscle ache on exercising, the pain was there even when i wasn't moving my body. Initially, i thought it was heart related however the pain subsided. After resting a while from the 1st incident ,I did some running and i feel pain on my shin and back.The pain comes in waves.First i thought that the pain came randomly on same few spot but then i notice on, every time i use and part of my body(Joint bone muslce)on any simple task i feel like the bones/muscle/joint hurts. For an example, when i am typing this i feel like my elbows hurt and my fingers are feeling a bit strained. or when I play a video game for less than 10 mins i feel my fingers gets strain like it is overused and never had this feeling even though i used to play it for more then 2 hours. or when i sleep a certain position either my arm ,ankle, back or neck starts to hurt.I when to consult my doctor and he just ignored my symptoms and told me that it is just and tennis elbow and gave me diclofenac and orphenadrine.
The medicines help with the pain but the pain just doesn't go away.

I am really worried i have an auto immune diseases or rheum. I have never experience such a pain before.This strain pain is dull and feels like it's at a spot. I have experience this pain on my neck,shoulder,fingers,knee,thighs,back(plevis),anke,arms (both ),fingers.
Hope someone experienced this before or know what it is?
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