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PLEASE help doctors don’t know what I have??

Ever since taking an herbal cleanse for bloating in stomach, I have unexplained fainting, uncontrolled/projectile vomiting, low blood sugar have to eat every 3 hours, heat intolerance, red/purple and tingling feet and hands on and off, easy bruising/slow healing, extreme fatigue, heart palpitations, on and off fevers. I am not overweight, have always exercised and been/ate healthy. No doctor has figured out what I have and my symptoms are severe/debilitating. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?
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Lori McClintock died in what the Sacramento County Coroner determined was an accident. On the section of the form that asks the coroner to "describe how injury occurred" it lists "subject ingested white mulberry leaf." Death after consuming this leaf was "unusual," according to the experts.....

What herbs did you ingest? Are you sure they are what they're supposed to be? Also if you can get checked for colitis and crohn's they are autoimmune diseases . The fainting and heat palpitations maybe see your cardiologist.
I read about this….so sad and strange. I hope that they were what they’re supposed to be ! The brand is Nature’s Sunshine, FDA approved at least. I did get tested for these and thankfully don’t have them. Yeah I think I will need to see a new cardiologist.
Correction***** : I believe this product is actually NOT FDA approved?? Makes me wary because I do know they’re at least a well established company and claim to inspect their inventory well but who knows what could’ve happened, like if something could have been contaminated.
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What herbal cleanse did you take?  How long ago did you do this cleanse?  If it's been more than week or so, whatever the "cleanse" was, is probably not causing your current symptoms of projectile vomiting, low blood sugar, etc.  

I agree with Annie that the bloating was a first symptom of "something" and the rest followed.

Probiotics can cause bloating when you first take them, because the gut flora is changing.   You don't mention what probiotic you took or how long you took it.  That said, it's unlikely that symptoms would surface so quickly after discontinuing the probriotic.  

High ANA indicates an autoimmune, which may have nothing to do with the probiotic, but the first thing I'd want to be checked for is celiac.  The probiotic could have contained gluten and by eating very light meals of soup broth, etc. symptoms improved.   Just one possibility, but for now, that's what I'd run with.
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The cleanse was 2.5 years ago. The probiotic/bloating incident was like 2 years before that though. But the symptom surfaced immediately after taking 1 probiotic. Within 20 minutes. So I had a reaction to it, I don’t remember the name of it but I only took one pill and then stopped because of that reaction. And regarding the cleanse, the symptoms were already coming on during the cleanse and became more severe the day after stopping the cleanse and have continued ever since. I was checked for celiac and it was negative, so I’m still not really sure what path to go down except seeing a rheumatologist regarding the ANA positivity
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Unless the herbal cleanse was actually poisonous, I would suggest it didn't have anything to do with your symptoms. In fact, it sounds like the bloating in the stomach (for which you took the cleanse) was probably the first symptom of something, and the rest followed. What have the doctors tested you for?
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I can see why you’d think that but I probably didn’t add enough detail —I had had bloating issues on and off ever since taking a probiotic 2 years prior. I noticed improvements with the bloating the more I healed my gut lining with things like soup broth/lighter meals. But all of these severe symptoms began the day right after I stopped the cleanse, and I had never had any of these symptoms/issues before. Maybe the cleanse was toxic/contaminated? Someone had suggested that to me. Doctors have checked my heart and lungs, said they’re normal. I haven’t had any x rays or ct scans though. EKG normal, standard blood tests normal. High ANA levels, so they suspect maybe autoimmune? That is the only thing I can guess so far but I still have no idea/diagnosis yet
What have you been tested for, exactly? "Standard blood tests normal" isn't saying much.
I’d rather not divulge all of my medical information online so to keep it simple yet informative, my cbc all came back normal. No iron deficiency. No parasites, no signs of infections. The only thing that came back positive was very high ANA levels pointing to autoimmunity. I was tested for diabetes and was found to not be diabetic, although I couldn’t fast for the test (A1C) so I’m not really sure how accurate that could be in that case. However me being diabetic all of a sudden would be strange since I am normally healthy and athletic/not overweight. Please let me know if you have any ideas regarding tests that may be helpful
You've been tested for celiac?
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