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Pain 10-15 minutes after drinking water (or eating)

  Has anyone experienced burning pain after drinking water?  The biggest pain is completely reproducible.  If I drink a glass of water, the pain will start about 10 minutes later.  And will be extremely bad 15-20 minutes after drinking the water.  It is in my right flank, just below the rib in my back.
  I feel like I have been being tortured for the last 2 years, except for January - June where it took a break.  I also get more variable pain, all near the lowest ribs.  Front right, both sides, both flanks.  It wakes me up during the night, by 5 am I can't fall back to sleep.  I drink a glass of water in the morning, and begins burning badly.  I have breakfast, and it is much worse.  2-3 hours after drinking or eating the pain will go away on a good day.  But will return at night without food.
  I am told it isn't gallbladder because a HIDA scan was normal.  I have been told it isn't ulcers because a blood bacteria test was normal.  I have been told it isn't kidney, because a urine test only showed low amounts of bacteria.
  I have been waiting months to see a gastroenterologist, and I need to wait another 3 months.  It would be really helpful to know why I was in pain, so I could modify my diet appropriately, while I am being tortured.
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"I need to wait another 3 months.  It would be really helpful to know why I was in pain, so I could modify my diet appropriately, while I am being tortured."
Hi, in that case I'd seek out a Functional Medicine primary doc (GP or internist) near you. Their approach is to look for the *why* of problems. That's especially needed because you don't have a simple case.

Like this possibility: *why* would putting water in your stomach cause pain in the kidney area on the opposite side? Well, the water gets absorbed and 10 minutes later is building up in the kidney. A possible (non-stone) blockage can result in pain, which gets worse over time as more and more water backs up creating more pressure.

That's the pain pattern for adult "renal colic". Maybe clots are involved instead of stones. I'd certainly imagine you've had an x-ray to to look for the usual mineral stones.

You must be consuming less water for a very long time? Dehydration can cause or worsen kidney problems. I'd try sipping water constantly throughout the day, rather than taking a full glass at a time.

You've also had the GI sensitivity lifelong. The "plain food" thing. That's probably involved in the *why* root-cause of everything. That involves more than just the kidney.

The "except for January - June where it took a break" part should make you obsessively try to figure what was different then. It wouldn't have been just an accident.

Good luck.
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I think you might have stomach issues. 10 mins after you drink water, that water should still be in your stomach. What kind of salt do you cook with? How does your stools look? You might have h. Pylori
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Thank you.
I have liked my food plain my entire life, next to no salt or hot spices added.  Ever since a child I have had no tolerance for hot food.
Stool keeps fluctuating from soft slightly diarrhea to slightly constipated.  I'll look into the Pylori.
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Could it be pancreatitis? Crohn's disease? IBS?

Here's a reference, some of the things in it you have checked and aren't it, but it's a long list.

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Thank you
Good luck. I hope you find something in the list of stuff that can cause such a problem and your doctor will be able to see if that's what you have.
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