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Pain Only at Night

My wife has been suffering for the past 6 months or so from severe pain in her legs. The odd thing is that it comes on at night only and is bad enough that she can't get to sleep. On getting up and moving about, the pain almost resolves completely - it's still there in the background but it's just an awareness during the day, nothing more. XR's showed nothing more in the hips and knees than normal arthritic changes for her age - late 60's and she has no problems with getting about during the day. But then, every night, the pain in the legs returns with a vengeance and she's unable to sleep for most of the night because of it. Her GP is at a loss and suggested Motrin/Tylenol combination which doesn't touch the symptoms. Is there anyone out there who has experienced similar symptoms and found relief and if so what form did that relief take?
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Hi ttibsen.

I'm also in N. Canada, but not as far North as you.

Two things happen at night.
1 Cortisol goes down which is normal, but pain regulation is reduced because of that.
2. Circulation is slower at night which is normal,  but possibly excessively so in your wife's case.
Poor circulation can cause pain and discomfort to the point of interrupting her sleep.

The second event can be addressed with some key changes and actions
a. Nutritional changes. Avoid simple carbs and sugars and lower carbs in general. Increase protein and fats, but they must be of high quality. Eat only nutrient rich foods and avoid everything else.
Coconut oil to replace all pro-inflammatory cooking oils.
Coconut oil also has anti-fungal, anti-microbial, anti-viral and anti-parasitic properties. It is used for energy fast without putting an insulin load (unlike carbs) on the body.
Apple cider vinegar , unfiltered and raw, 1-2 tablespoons daily will give enough malic acid to counter the ill effects of tartaric acid ( high carb consumption indirectly contributes to higher tartaric acid production which causes pain and fatigue.
b. Plenty of water 1 hour away from meals to flush toxins and bacteria.
c.  Poor body alignment impacts circulation
Buy a new pillow for optimum sleeping posture and body alignment. Also the mattress has to be of good quality and not too old..
d. If you can get hold of DMSO-something  often used for horses- in a 35% solution with water, is a great anti-oxidant and pain relief remedy. For above the shoulders
a 10% solution must be used, because of the lipids on the neck region (it is also a great driver and lipid solvent) and it must be applied over freshly washed areas and in thin applications
.I get mine from a friend who's a veterinarian.
You can inquire at farm supply stores as well.
e. I take citrulline powder, which is a vasodilator ( it widens/dilates blood vessels for improved circulation)

Now, you know most of my health secrets, lol!

Hope this helps.
Niko (from N. Ontario)
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Greetings Niko

Thanks so much for that thoughtful and comprehensive reply to my letter. We will definitely try to implement most of your suggestions as they are fairly easy to put into practise. Realistically, I don’t know whether we will be able to do away with sugar since we do enjoy our once a day dessert. It’s not like we have a high sugar intake but we definitely do consume the stuff. The plan that you have laid out for us sounds so healthy that you will surely live to be 100. Thanks again for your help and we will start looking for some of the items in your letter.

Cheers, Ttibsen
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Sounds like peripheral artery disease (PAD) which is caused by a build-up of plaque in the arteries of the legs.  The pain that continues when lying down is called ischemic rest pain. Ischemia means insufficient blood flow to the tissues. Treatments includes blood thinners, vasodilators, exercise, healthy diet and quiting smoking. Surgery - balloon angioplasty or stenting may be needed.
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