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Pain and swelling on lower butt cheek

Female 32
The area is just before the "cheek" ends  on the right side just inside the lowest side of my buttock just inside the "crack". It started out a little painful and when you press on it it seems firm and it seemed to extend internally under the glutius muscle. It is now puffy and localized to the surface. To touch it is extremly painful like someone is cutting me. Its about 3in by 1in.
I havent had any problems besides pain from sitting on the toliet going to the bathroom. I have had loose bowl movments. It seems to me to have something to do with a muscle or attachment there as it sometimes happens that the muscles comming forward into my vaginal area becomes sore and stiff. This sorness in the front is relieved by doing kegals. I can rule out any STD as I am not sexually active.
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Hello, It will cause the area to be swollen and puffy and localized to the areas where the knots are located.   Inflammation/infection such as cellulitis, bacteria, MRSA, or staph could possibly be the cause of the warmth, as well.   I'm sorry I didn't see the warmth issue addressed in your original post is why I didn't mention this before.   I recommend you have your doctor check it out because you may need some antibiotic or other treatments as well to eliminate the inflamed/infected areas.  Good Luck and God Bless Brenda
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I've listed 3 possibilities of what might be going on.  I personally think yours is most likely coccydynia, but only you and your doctor can determine this for sure.  

1) Coccydynia- it can present with what is referred to as  taut bands which are strongly contracted bands of muscle fibers that are present within your normal muscles.  They form contraction knots or myofascial trigger points-areas that if pressed causes pain.   These taut muscles can occur in the gluteus maximus and adductor magnus muscles.  The adductor magnus muscle trigger points when pressed can cause the pain to extend into the thighs and also the pelvic floor, so this might explain your occasional vaginal pain as well. Also this can cause painful intercourse as well.  

Diagnose is through rectal examine of the pelvic floor to locate the compression knots and trigger points.  

Treatment can consist of compression, injections with Procaine, dry needling, or manual stretching of the particular muscles.  

2)Gluteus maximus syndrome- with this you have spasm generally on one side.  Also with this syndrome the pain will disappear when sitting and returns when you are lower yourself to the position, standing, or squatting.

Diagnoses is done by- Monitoring for the pain upon lowering, rising, and squatting and disappearance in pain upon sitting.  

Treatment consists of 3-5 manual treatments of the back and buttock.  

3)Piriformis syndrome-the piriformis muscles runs from the spine to each thighbone.  This generally causes low back and pain that can radiate down the buttock and into the leg.  Pain is often worse upon sitting.

Diagnoses by particular symptoms and attempts to stretch this muscle.  To check for this lie in bed on your stomach, bend your knees 90 degrees, and attempt to spread apart your feet while keeping your knees together and bent.  If this causes you pain this could be what you have.  

Treatment is by injections of corticosteriods, massage therapy, or physical therapy to stretch the muscle.    

I Hope This Helps Hun, Like I said before I personally think it's probably the coccydynia but wanted to list the other problems as well so you can check the things I listed in the diagnoses categories to rule them out.  Keep Us Posted and God Bless Brenda
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Would Coccydynia cause the skin to be swollen and puffy and warm. The slightest touch is terrible. It's localized.
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Thanks for your info. Just spent the last 4 hrs or so at the hospital. It was an abscess that they had to drain. Got antibiotics and pain meds.
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OUCH, Joshie that draining crap hurts doesn't it?  I always hated that.  I'm glad you got it taken care of Hun, and hopefully you'll be "Sitting Pretty"-LOL pun intended) in no time.  
Good Luck and God Bless Brenda
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josie star, hi, I read your story, and it sorta sounds like some of my problem. I had a caudal epidural steroid injection  for pelvic pain. Since the one shot I had I have a bump and swelling and my coccyx or the tailbone area is warm sometimes hot to touch.  My low back and buttocks and inner thighs especially swell up and get hot.  When I go the bathroom it hurts even more. we need to exchange more horror stories.
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