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Pain behind Right breast

Here goes.  For the last two weeks i have been suffering with a lingering pain behind my right breast, i'll do my best to describe it.  It began with sharp stabbing pains which seemed to travel from behind the rib cage toward the nipple and over the next few days became an intense pain behind the bone structure which, it seems strange to say, felt like a trapped pocket of air to the upper right of my breast, nearing the edge of my armpit.  I have checked for lumps and found nothing abnormal, however, the pain is always there and it is now developing into a 'crunching' pain, which is made worse when i move quickly, lift up my arm, turn my body or even my head, i've tried rotating my arm from the shoulder joint but it doesn't alleviate the constant ache and often just sends a shrp jolt of pain into the breast. The pain is so difficult to describe as it seems to vary, it feels a little like when your joints 'click out' of place and you have to manipulate them to ease them back into position... however, no amount of manipulation works!! I'm feeling really worn down by this now, i cried myself to sleep last night as the pain is always there and it now seems to be affecting my right arm a little, heavy feeling and a slight numness to my right hand.  I do have slight relief if i hold my right arm across my body, and for the past few days i have walked around holding my left bra strap!!! I've taken ibuprofen and solpadol and i doesn't touch it... if anyone has any idea what this could be, i'd appreciate your thoughts.
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I think you should see a doctor about it if you haven't already. It could be as simple as a muscle pinching a nerve behind your breast.  Perhaps even something as wild as an inflammed disk in the middle your back could be pinching a nerve which, would account for the deep pain that seems to be behing the breast bone.  I had a miopathic massage done when I had severe aching up and down my left arm which included aching in the left armpit and breast as well as numbness in the fingers. The massage therapist pin pointed the exact place the pinched nerve was and after several sessions it was fine and I am symptom free.
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I have the same Symptoms..Im an athlete..I think you might have this


Do a internet search on that. Your may be severe though
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wow, I have to say, You described the pain i'm having exactly!!!
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