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Pain down left side

I am 45 yrs. old, only previous health problems, anterior fusion C4-5 & 5-6. About a year ago I became bloated, and then developed severe burning down left side, shoulder hurting I would wake and heart would be racing with severe pain down my left side, my nerves seem to be on edge all of the time, seem to start having mild tremors in upper body. Went in to my PCP and my pulse was 120, wanted to know what I was nervous about, my reply was nothing had changed in my life other than this severe pain.BP has always been 124/70 total blood work, EKG everything came back negative,Put me on tramdol 50 mg 4 times a day, only took a half pill when I could not stand the pain and then after about 8 months bloating subsided and pain ceased, but my nerves and tremors still affected me. 11/15/05  had MRI, done, spinal canal compression C3-4 & 6-7 no spinal stenois. around 12/14/05 pain came back on the left side with a venagence, CT scan 12/29/05 negative, burning Pain is traveling from left shoulder all the way too my foot, my hip is throbbing, meeting with a spine specalist 1/10/06 my PCP beleive it is my neck, I wonder if it could be my shoulder because of previous injury and it pops as I rotate it around like it is popping put of the joint, maybe it is my heart, he says no because I show no signs of heart problems. Just looking for someone who may have something similar.
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The MRI was of the cervical, and the CT was of the brain. The burning is middle side of chest down past hip. About 6 months ago reached over to pick something up and excruiating pain in hip, 2 hrs. later couldnt walk ended up in the emrgency room, got 2 shots, one was toradol I beleive, they said my hip had rotated backward, suggested I see a Ortho, I went to my Chiro, he ajusted me out in 5 visit, has always ajusted my left hip says L5 is deteratioted and I have problems with lower sacrum

But this hip rotation was long  after my first episode of pain down my side started and as I said the the  tremors a month or so after the pain, I am hoping the spine specalist will be able to tell me that the tremors are from the compression at C3-4 & 6-7. The tremors started not long after the burning down the side. My chiro says the C6-7 nerves run down the left side of the heart.

Thank you for replying
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for over two weeks i have been experiencing moderate to severe pain in my left pectorals down to my left arm and numb radial fingers. can't hold on to things with my left hand like the right. it began when i woke up from sleeping in a fetal position in a cold room. cant afford an mri. tried stretching, tiger balm, hot/cold h20, seems nerve related because of the numbness. dont know what to do! any suggestions? in pain & dont want to become addicted to pain meds. thanks
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Just to follow up on Dr's visit. I went to the spine clinic, and was told by the surgeon that he did not think it was my neck. Where the compression of C3-4 & 6-7 is, said that he wanted me to have an MRI of my back, that he thought could be my Thoracic disk.I have tried to isolate the pain through the night when it is the most severe, it seems to be from the left pec around to the end the shoulder blade to the bottom of the rib cage, my left arm throbs with pain and my neck hurts as well, my heart rate seems to be elavated all of the time and I am nausea, I am going back to ortho surgeon tomm. to have xrays taken of my shoulder.I still feel like it maybe my heart, but can't convince my PCP of that.
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i am 45 and for the past six months i have a stitch like pain in my left side just below the breast it is uncomfortable and over the last few monthe has become more regular. Not only this about six months ago i was put on tablets for high blood pressure and this has caused me to suffer with what i believe to be heartburn this being a pain at the top of my chest in the middle i know it sounds like i am being a hypercondriac (if thats the spelling) but both of these pains are uncomfortable and i am freightened to go back to the doctor in case its heart problems. i look forward to hearing back from someone about my pains and i look forward to your help and advice
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