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Pain in abdomen while running

Hi, I'm 41 years old.  I run for exercise. I have been getting a pain in my upper right abdominal area while running.  The pain occurs about 15-20 minutes into my run (like clockwork).  It is sort of a cramp-like pain underneath my ribcage on the right side.  I have had pain in this area for many years while running off and on.  (I thought it was side stitches)  The problem is that it is getting worse and I can't make it go away anymore.  It the past I could just forcefully exhale and hold my breath for a few seconds and the pain would go away.  I still get relief from the pain when I exhale forcefully and hold my breath, but then the pain comes right back after that.  It won't go away until I begin to walk.

It seems that this pain became worse after having children.  I had terrible pain in my upper right chest area (under my ribcage) with both of my recent pregnancies.  I had to sleep in a sitting position (at least try to sleep) during both of my pregnancies from about the 5th month on due to pain and pressure in the right chest area when I would lay down.  I would also feel like I had to belch with lots of acid reflux.  My doctor told me this was "just part of pregnancy".

I wonder if the symptoms that I had during pregnancy were related to the pain I have while running.  Could it be a hernia of some sort, gallstones, something else or is it just side stitches?
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Hello, I just joined this site and your question popped up to me. I have had that same pain in my upper right side and it comes and goes and sometime if I stretch, It is like it is pinching.  I have had, ultrasound, upper gi and gallbladder scan.  It turns out they told me I had a small hiatal hernia and gastritus. However, your gallbladder is right there. I would talk you your family doctor and atleast get a ct,  Good luck!  
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Hi there! I'm not an expert or a physician, but I can tell you that I have been experiencing similar pain that you are describing for about five years. I'm a woman, so this would only apply if you have that oh so famous X chromosome. Anyway, for me the pain is more like a dull ache that seems to worsen at certain times of the month. It is concentrated in the lower right pelvic area (feels like it is in the abdominal area, too), and at times radiates down my right leg. My regular doctor originally diagnosed it as chronic pelvic inflammatory disease or PID. After more symptoms developed, I finally requested to see a specialist. I lucked out and was set up to see the head of gynecology at a local hospital. She ran a series of tests and finally told me that she suspected endometriosis. The only way to know for sure was to undergo a pelvic laparoscopy. I didn't want to be put under and have never had any type of surgery before, but after discussing it with my family, I decided to go ahead with the procedure. It wasn't all that bad and I find out with certainty that I did have endometriosis. The doctor removed what she could, but explained that there could be more. My saga continues because I still have the symptoms and the dull ache. At times, it really interferes with my life and drags me down. So far, I have tried three different therapies - to no avail. I usually don't get too personal here, but this is a topic that I have become very passionate about. It is so misunderstood and there is no cure. So if anyone reading this is living with endometriosis, you're not alone. Hopefully by speaking out, when can accelerate the learning curve and find out what causes this horrible disease and take steps to cure it.
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DebDon 1, this kind of pain is characteristic of an inflammed gall baldder, as Ann765 stated.

Fortunately there is treatment available. You need an in-person evaluation by an M.D.
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I have been to my physician this last week.  He originally thought that it was gallstones too.  I had a positive Murphy's sign on examination and my symptoms were consistent with gallstones.  I had slightly elevated albumin and billiruben lab values, but everything else is unremarkable.  I also had an ultrasound done on friday, which did not show any gallstones.  It did show a somewhat large hepatic cyst (4.8cm) in the right lobe of my liver.  My physician told me this was common and he does not feel that it has anything to do with the pain I am having.  He referred me to a surgeon who has ordered a chest and abdominal CT.  We are just waiting for the insurance to ok the study..
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