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Pain in face, teeth, dizziness, nauseated, tired feeling

I am not sure that everything I write down will be connected, but I am trying to give all the information I can remember.

In 2007 my tooth started to hurt a lot, with no other symptoms at the time.  I went to see a dentist; they also made me get looked at it by a specialist who told me that it is not my tooth.  He did not know what was causing it. They suggested that I see a regular doctor as it might be caused by sinuses.  The regular doctor took an x-ray but it came back negative.  However he put me on an antibiotic (twice actually) but it did not do much and then my tooth just stopped hurting eventually. At that time I did not have any other symptoms but the tooth ache.

In February 2008 my symptoms started.
A month before that, in January, I remember being outside, it was a very –very cold and windy day. I remember feeling like the wind was just going through my ears and head.  
I don’t know if there is a connection because it did not happen right after, but in about 1 week my symptoms started.  Also I had about 4 teeth filled around that time.  I was also very stressed and have been.

I woke up that my tooth hurt so very much, very painful sharp pain in one of my bottom tooth, so I went to see my dentist again. He told me that my tooth is OK.  Later the pain went away from that one tooth and it got replaced by feeling dizzy, nauseous, and weak in the legs. Pain in my face, jaws and pain all over in my teeth. Now the pain is not a shooting pain, but constant monotone pain, and sometimes stabbing. The pain in my teeth shifts. Sometimes it is stronger on one side then the other then it shifts. I also felt very tired. I wake up tired.  I never take naps and now I have to lay down and I fall asleep for an hour or two.  I have swollen glands all the time and I am constipated, never go to the bathroom.  My ears would hurt also and feel funny. My left eye feels blurry, or foggy.  I had an oral surgery (APICO) done, but as it turns out I really did not need it and the pain never went away. I felt very bad for about 3 moths and after that it got much better. I felt the discomfort in my face every day, my teeth hurt but sometimes it was almost nothing and other times it was stronger. (Also one tooth feels like it is out of its place.) However the dizziness and feeling nauseous was gone.  

On Jan. 19, 2009 I felt worse again like at the beginning when it started.  I was very tired and dizzy, nauseous, constipated. Pain in my face, teeth. Shaky legs…

Now I feel tired, dizzy, nauseous, pain in my face, in my teeth, cheekbones hurt and have burning feeling in them sometimes.  Ear hurts, feels itchy at times. Left ear feels clogged.  I feel pressure at the bridge of my nose. Head hurts from the moment I wake up.
Jaw hurts makes clicking sound, but I can open them. Eating, chewing makes it better (opposite of TMJ?)
My joint would hurt sometimes and pain in my arm or leg (comes and goes)

Feb. 2009—I was diagnosed with B12 deficiency

Check bone hurts, feels like burning
Teeth hurt all the time (mostly upper teeth)
Jaw hurt
Feeling lots of pressure in jaws
Left eye feels blurry, foggy and sometimes it is twitching, or “jumping”
Headaches- use to never have them
Ear pain, itchy ear, clogged ear (left)
Throat hurts often
Pressure in face, head
Legs feel weak
Extremely Tired
Knee feels stiff, joints hurt at times, arm, leg hurts at different places

Whenever that one tooth feels weird I feel even sicker.

I would so appreciate if anyone could have any suggestions. Thank you for reading my post.
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Your symptoms are exactly like mine...not exactly sure how to navigate this site...so I sent you a quick note.  I'd love to share info...
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