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Pain in knee and lower part of the leg


I was travelling in a bus.  Driver applied a break, I didn't even move from the position, but I heard a sound from my right knee - "clukk".  Next days onwards the pain started. I had been to physician, he said there might be a ligament tear...advised on tablets. But no use, then had advised me to wear knee cap for few days.  I was feeling better with knee cap.  I removed it after 25 days, it was little better for 2 days, then again the pain is back.  After few days, went to orthopedic, he said no problems and advised me to do some exercises.  Then also no use.
I have still have the pain in my knee and following parts....couldn't talk for more than 10 mins.  Could you please advise me how to solve this and become normal.  This is really affecting my daily schedule. I'm working...by the time I reach office, will be tired and again the same when I'm back to home.

Please advise me at the earliest.  Thanks a lot for your valuable advices.
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Due to the force of break applied and hitting your knee you have probably injured your medial meniscus of the knee or injured your patella. Another possibility is the knee cap rubbing against the underlying cartilage of femur. Having said this, at times the noise has no pathology behind it. This needs an evaluation by either an orthopedics specialist or by a sports injury specialist.  A MRI of the knee may be required.
Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps. Take care!

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hey kavi,how are you?i
first of you need to increase on your muscle strength,dothe following
use a warm water towel and follow it with massage of your knees
statics for your quadriceps(pushing your knees down),
full range of movement for the knees in supine lying(lying on your back),sitting on the edge of the bed,later use 1kg weight and perform the bending and straightening of the legs,
reduce on walking because you have to stay from aggravating factors.
don't use the knee cap if your knee is stable because it will weaknen your muscles more.
hope you get better
irene Ndagire
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You need an MRI of your knee.Sounds like your knee socket is not totally in place.
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