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Pain in right side (ribs and back)

I'm an 18 yr old female. I've been having this pain in my right side, below my breast and in the rib region. I went to a pediatrician about 3 years ago who (doing no test at all) told me it was probably growing pains. I don't believe it's growing pains because it's been off and on pain like this for 3 years. The pain is occurring more and more often now. And I'm positive I'm not pregnant. I am a virgin. Anyways, I noticed several other women have this problem and some have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and others with gallbladder or pancreas diseases. I am aware that this could even be a UTI but I have no other symptoms so I dont believe that is the case. My question is: Is this a normal thing for women or should I go back to a doctor?

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What kind of pain is it? Can you describe it?
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What you are experiencing is not normal.

You should go back to the doctor to get your liver and gall bladder checked out.  It may possibly be wind, but the liver and gall bladder are in that area so problems with that need to be ruled out.  A blood test can be taken to check liver function.  Your doctor may refer you for an ultrasound scan too.

Avoid eating very spicy foods, stop drinking alcohol or cut down if you drink a lot and do not eat fried foods.

Keep a food and drink diary to see if you experience the problem more after eating certain foods.

Make sure that you eat a healthy diet with fruit and vegetables.  Cut down on any fizzy drinks and drink more water 2-3 litres per day.

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All I can say is it is not growing pains. I don't think it is fibro.  Does it hurt when you breathe in or all the time? No it is not normal for women or girls. It could be some kind of inflammation in between the ribs. Did you do any activity that could have fractured or bruise a rib?  I was in a car accident and didn't know I fractured a rib until later. My doctor found it on an Xray. It did hurt in that area. He said it was because of the location that it wasn't as painful as some areas. You may want to get an Xray. So, I would see a doctor since you have had this so long. Hopefully, they will listen to your lungs and see if your ribs feel tender when you push on them? If not they can get an Xray of the area and/or an ultrasound of the gallbladder liver kldney and or pancreas just to make sure.
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Hi iam an 18yr old female and since last night iv been getting these sharp pains but today if I sit a certain way or breath a certan way twist turn mainly wen I breath it hurts im lieing in bed now and I can lie a certain way becausr it hurts wen I breath the pain is under my breast whete the bra lies .. anyone got any ideas what it may be
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Well, it can be any of the things that Jemma said above. But if it hurts mostly when you breath in it could be inflammation in between the ribs. It is like pleuracy.  I would see a doctor about it. Either way they will have to check you out. If it is inflammation in between the ribs then you may need an antibiotic for it. I have had this several times. Try a hot water bottle or heating pack on it and see if that helps. If it does that may be what you have.
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Having pains when you breathe in and out can be from pleurisy, especially if you have other symptoms.  If that is the case then you do need to be examined by a doctor to see if there is an infection in the lungs for which you may need an antibiotic.

If you have done any physical exertion, heavy lifting or moving and the pains came on soon afterwards, it is likely that you have a muscular problem.  If you feel this is to do with a physical activity, pain relief as directed on the packet will help to lessen the pain, also warm baths and gentle massage.  

If you fell prior to the pain, there may be a bruised or fractured rib and you will need to be examined in ER for a diagnosis.  Treatment for this is usually pain relief and rest.

Hope you start to feel better soon.
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