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Pain in throat and left side body

About three years ago I began to have pain in my left side throat. It felt like a sore throat, or like a tightness in my throat. I thought drinking lots of hot tea and letting it go down the left side would help. Since that time it has developed into a total left side body issue. I continue to have pain inside my throat, ranging from spikey pain to scratchy pain to itchy inflammatory feeling inside and outside my throat. Additionally, my chest, hip, and left knee have began to ache. The chest is particularly painful, in both the front side and the back. In total, these are my symptoms:

-Pain inside throat
-itching on left outside throat
-Inflammation of left side muscle tissue
-Desire to pop neck constantly
-sternum pain
-one rib popped slightly out in left chest
-left side knee, hip and other joint pain
-left side tends to get more nasal blockage
-feeling of "stuck" in throat
-feeling of blockage when swallowing
-left side jaw pain

I have been to several specialists. Here are the things that I have done that have been inconclusive or ineffective:

-CAT scan
-6 months working with a naturopath
-8 sessions accupuncture
-4 sessions massage
-several rounds of antibiotics (this does seems to help)

The following things make my symptoms worse:
-occasionally certain foods activate it immediately afterwards(caffiene, chocolate, cold drinks)
-lack of sleep
-poor spinal use
-overuse/raising of left arm
-overthinking it

What makes it better (but not okay):
-conscious relaxation of throat
-always better in the morning

It seems to have gotten worse recently, not necessarily the throat itself but the pain in the chest and rest of the left side. It is so bad it is interfering with my normal exercise routine and, needless to say, it is very stressful and worrisome.

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