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Pain under right rib & .....

I'm posting my symptoms on here to see if anyone else might know what could possibly be wrong with me.
I've had an ultrasound off my gallbladder & blood tests to check my liver. (both came back ok)
I am scheduled to see a Gastroenterologist the end of the month.
But I feel my symptoms are getting worse day by day.

Whenever I get done eating ( even a light meal ) my symptoms begin:

I get a dull ache/pain under the right side of my rib cage
My sternum area gets very tender to the touch & seems kind of hard
I fell bloated
I belch alot
I feel like there is a lump in my throat ( I'm constantly trying to clear it )
All of the above symptoms last up to 2-3 hrs. hours.

Thank you in advance for anyone that could give me some insight on this for me.

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A GI doc is the best step you can take.  Your symptoms could be related to gastritis/gerd/ibs to name a few.  Upper and lower GI's should determine the culprit.  My mother-in-law experienced the same symptoms, but hers turned out to be a situation where she had a hernia that caused her stomache to flip upside down.  She had to have surgery to repair it, but many things can cause GI symptoms such as yours.  Wishing you good health soon!
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Thank you for responding  :o)
It puts my mind at ease to know it's probably not too serious.
Just a bit aggravating.
Is your MIL doing better now?
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MIL did great after the surgery, it actually eliminated all of her symptoms, but unfortunately it's happened again.  She is in her 60's and has been helping lift her husband up and down due to his illness and the repair they did tore loose from the lifting, which is what caused the condition to begin with, he's been sick for a while and she lifts him and shouldn't.  EMT's told her that the next time he falls to call them and they will come and lift him back up at no cost, stating they only charge if you take a ride in the ambulance. :^)  I spoke with her today and she said her husband is getting around better, so maybe once he doen't need to lean on her to much anymore, she'll get the surgery again.
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