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Pain while sleeping

This has been happening for many months now.  I will go to sleep and be sound asleep, my wife will inform me in the morning that apparently I wake up crying of pain in my arm.  The arm varies, sometimes it is the left and other times it is the right.  But, it seems to go away when she holds me or does a kind of soothing.  No rubbing of the arm or anything of this nature is done to relieve it.  

Just words or holding by the wife.  When I wake up in the morning, though, I have either no recollection of it or a very vague recall of it as it all seems foggy and I can't remember if it happened or it was a dream.  My only confirmation is my wife.
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     It sounds like you are recalling a painful memory while you are asleep.  If you can talk about it with your wife, perhaps you will remember it and get past it.  It isn't necessary to forget it, just move past it.  We all have suffered various things and apparently this is still bothering you.
     Your wife is probably the best therapist for you as she is comforting you and so understanding.
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I was having pain in my elbows and fingers.  I found out it was from my ulnar nerves and an EMG showed both had been damaged.  I hope to find out on Tuesday the 22nd, what is causing both my arms to hurt below the shoulders.  I hope it is from the Androgel that I use on both my upper arms.

Good luck.
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    Sometimes we are allergic to the remedies or prescriptions that we take or use.  And sometimes we become allergic to them overnight.
     I found that taking my hypertension prescription medication was tearing up my stomach.  So the doctor put me on PPIs (Dexilant, Prilosec, etc.)  After weaning myself off the prescriptions, I now use Hawthorn to lower my blood pressure. - Sorry, this has nothing to do with arm pain. -  I take Essiac for my pain.  It works on my Fibromyalgia better than the gabapentin.

     Wishing you the best
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