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Hi. So, I'm an eighteen year old girl, with no -found- severe medical problems. I'm active, and the only thing I've ever been told I have is anemia.
Lately, I've been experiencing really bad back pain, starting at my shoulders, skipping to the middle of my back, and then skipping to my tail bone. Along with that, I have really bad head aches, and pain in my right ankle and knee.
I do have very large breast, (DDD) and that's what I'm being told it is coming from.
Yet, I'm not entirely sure that's it.
I was wondering if I should be -more- worried, or if I'm being over paranoid?
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Also you may want to go to a chiropractor.often times we need to be aline.If a vertebrae or a lumber is out of place it can cause pain to your feet.Because you have nerves coming off the spinal cord if pinch,could cause you to be in pain or unconformable. Hope you get better.
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Honestly 5 lbs on the front of you can cause problems from your neck to your feet. I've been overweight all my life and only just started loosing weight. So I can tell you first hand how much a difference even a few pounds makes on the back and knees. Also, small anecdote, my grandma had DD breasts and had to have a reduction surgery done because of the pain it was causing on her back. Very possible that all this pain comes from your breasts and it may be time to consider a reduction (if you can get a dr or two to agree that this is causing severe back pain that will only get worse insurance will usually cover a breast reduction) or trying to loose weight if your breast size comes from being overweight.
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Given the strange back pain along with bad headaches and other joint pain, you might want to get checked out for Lyme Disease.
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One more thought... I am a DD and I have never had middle back, tailbone, knee or ankle pain from being well endowed.  Perhaps neck, shoulder, and upper back, but certainly not knee or ankle!
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Yeah that's a good point to clarify. When I said pressure on the knees and feet that comes from having so much excess weight- I don't know if DDD is enough to give you enough excess weight to cause a problem though. My experience with knee and feet problems comes from being 50lbs+ overweight. So I know weight can cause it, breast size is definitely linked to back pains, but you need a good deal of extra weight for knee problems.
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Thank you for the response! I have definitely thought about doing that; sadly, I'd have to save for it because I don't have the best insurance, and.. well.. I'm kinda scared of surgeries.
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You know, I did think about there. There is a local chiropractor here where I live, and I thought about seeing him. After all, what could it hurt right?
Thank you!
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Hmm.. I didn't think about that. I've actually never heard of it, either.
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Lyme disease is really nasty and can have a confusing variation of symptoms that look like other diseases, making it hard to diagnose. It comes from ticks and is more common on the Eastern coast of the US I believe. If you have animals or been camping recently it's worth asking for the test.

Surgeries are scary, yes. But it might be something to save your pennies for. :/ For now chiropractor will likely be your cheapest, safest option.
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I see you're in Australia.  Believe it or not, I got my Lyme Disease / Borrelia in Queensland when I was there on vacation.  I have exchanged emails with a doctor who is treating patients with the disease and he confirmed the location where I was exposed.  He has 4 patients who have never left the country and many more who got sick after local tick bites, so the government there is clearly looking bad these days in continuing to deny it's endemic. Over a hundred patients have filed a class action lawsuit against the New South Wales health system because they can't get treatment for a disease their government says only exists overseas, even if they contracted it overseas.  A down side to government health care.

Here in the US, it has been recorded in every state, although it is more common in the northeast, upper midwest, and Pacific coast.
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Oh no! I'm not in Austrailia. O_o Not sure why my account says that. I live on the Oregon Coast.
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Yeah, it definitely is! Thank you for your help!
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