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Painful rash on child for 3 years, help

In 2012 my daughter who was 11 had a red area on her right arm that looked like a burn. We took her to urgent care and she was diagnosed with a burn even though she never touched anything to get a burn. Burn ointments would cause extreme pain, nothing helped. Another month later in the same area she got it again, alittle deeper and larger. It would ooze and a couple days later look like road rash then go away very quick. This continued on her right are and then she would also get it on the right side of her face. Larger areas each time, very painful. We went to every specialist possible and each one would do tests, biopsies and try different guesses at treatments, none worked. She then starred to get them on her right leg, and this time they were long lines. She was in so much pain she needed help walking and would not be able to do anything. One of the doctors sent us to the national Institute of health where they ran tests and are still 2 years later running tests. The nih said they thought she had contact dermatitis. We came home and all areas would continue to flare up weekly and get larger and more painful. We got sent to the mayo clinic in Arizona. We brought pictures and the doctor didn't even go through her chart or pictures, he just accused her of doing it to herself. We left and went home very disappointed and having no answers. We knew she wasn't doing it to herself, and continued to try and find help. Every doctor telling us I don't know what to tell you, and would leave our side. We had one doctor that has tried to help but he has now said he doesn't know what else to do. She then got an outbreak on her right side of her back, we took her in and they said that at least now we can prove she didn't do it because she can't reach that area. She continued having these on all the above areas now since 2012. I started taking her to acupuncture and it seemed to help the pain. I was desperate and would find a way to pay the out of pocket fees bwing a single mom of 4. Now she got a new flare up on the left side of her face. I have pictures of this from the start, we have seen every doctor possible and we are still needing someone to help her. She can't just keep having these and the only answer I get is to give her pain meds. The rash comes on within seconds,  I have seen it and 1 second it is there. She said it feels like needles are coming through her skin from the inside out and can feel this pain some days before she will break out. She does have some autoimmune disorders and alot of allergies but they have tested to see if it's due to something she could be allergic to and have had no result. Please help..
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Hiya u should ask docs to take a swab of it and get her bloods checked my grandaughter had similar to the rash your wee one has and it spreaded all over her body I took her to NHS 24 and they told me to go to the kids ward in Glasgow they kept my grandaughter in for couple days and to steady the pain for her wee soul was clawing at the rashes and was making them worse it turned out she was allergic to baby wipes and when doctor gave me results from swab it was some sort of bug she had to by clawing at it and it was making it all ooze it was horrible now she is nine and still comes out in this rash now and again and they said she has some sort of exema now so I would ask to get kid checked
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If the Mayo Clinic thought it was self harm (or Munchausen's) then it would be difficult for anyone here to argue with that. I know you understandably do not like this diagnosis. Perhaps it might be an idea to have your daughter psychologically assessed to see if there is anything troubling her or to see if she fits the profile of a self-harmer. Doing this could hardly hurt could it?
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