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so i did get my period, with it 3 days after the ragular 28 days. i just got my period today (the 22nd) but when i took out the tampon it has a little bood on it, and a light brownish color on it too. what is that. could i still have a chance of being pragnet if even if i got my period but its light?
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I honestly believe you can relax and be pretty sure that you are not pregnant.  I was rereading your original post and based on the description of your "activity", there does not seem a likely chance of pregnancy at all.  First of all, you not only had a tampon in, but you said you also had your underwear on.  There was no vaginal penetration, simply an ejaculation on your butt area.  While it is possible to get pregnant without complete vaginal penetration, in this case, even if some of your boyfriends sperm did manage to get to the vaginal area, it would have had to also made its way through your underwear and the tampon in order to be able to fertilize your egg.  HIGHLY improbable!

Also, you said that you were still on your period when this activity took place.  that, alone, makes the chance of pregnancy lower, as the timing of your cycle would not have put you in the typical fertile time for a woman.

So, I quite honestly believe that you can totally relax about this.  Stress definitely can affect your cycle, giving you heavier or lighter periods and also make them more painful.

Of course, if you're still concerned about a pregnancy, you can always take a home pregnancy test - they're relatively inexpensive and have gotten much more accurate over the past several years - so long as you follow the instructions correctly - if it says to test your first urine of the morning, then do that, otherwise the results may not be accurate either way.

I hope this has helped to make you feel better.
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I think you could still be pregnant. I know that many women experience spotting early in pregnancy due to egg implantation, and then again around the time that their period is supposed to come because the embryo splits into two, creating the baby and the placenta. I would take a pregnancy test if I were you, just to be sure.
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well the bleeding has become more and more.. also ive had quite a bit of cramping.   what do you mean by spotting.. does that mean very very little blood?
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Before I got on Depo. I would have the same problem. My period would usually come in the next couple of days. But it would not be a bad idea to have a pregnancy test done.
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I would have a simple pregnancy test to put your mind at rest first.
The brownish colour, is quite normal for most women, and usually shows, before the real red blood.
Dont worry to much, just test to be sure
Wishing you well
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The brown is always normal during your period!
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