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Persistant cough of my husband

My husband is considered in good health for the age of 73. He works a full time job and manages 33 people.
He is taking tryglyseride meds and blood pressure {Lotrel, generic}. He gets a coughing spell every now and them and he almost passes out. This happened in a restaurant and he fell over in the booth, but then was OK.
He has had strees tests and they turned out good. He was driving on an interstate at 60mph and started coughing.
His foot moved from the excelerator to the brake, we were in the middle lane. He could not stear the car. I grabbed the steering wheel and said let off of the brake, we moved to the shoulder and he did not know where he was for a moment.
A friend said that he could have had a mild stroke. Could this be possible? Also, they suggested that we have his carotid artery checked. Wouldn't all of that shown up in the stress test?
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Sometimes anti hypertensives can cause a cough. Get in touch with your GP. More common than you know. He may need a change in meds.
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This looks like a severe asthma like condition. X-ray and CT scan of chest and pulmonary function tests should be done. Please consult a chest specialist. It would be wise if he stays away from driving and heavy machinery until then.
Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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Could be bronchospasm. And all the coughing increases the intracranial fluid pressure in the head and can cause fainting. Does he have an inhaler? Not for asthma, but for the spasms. Not sure what all the stress test shows, sorry. Ask your doctor about this!
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He should be taking a cough suppressant.

The coughing activates the vagal nerve. which slows the heartrate and causes the momentary blackout.  It can happen to anyone at any age.

If in a restaurant, have him lie down, don;t get up, elevate his feet and let hiom rest for a few minutes.

If he starts to cough while driving IMMEDIATELY brake and pull over.

The cause of the coughing should be evaluated, of course, but in the meantime over-the-counter cough suppressants, especially when driving.
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