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Persistent reddish brown stools,Extreme stench when going,Abdominal pain.Please help

Hello ,this is embarrassing but this has been going on for quite some time. My stools are almost always a reddish brown color never the usual darker brown.This has been going on so long I can't even remember when I last had a normal BM. When I go there is usually a very strong odor to the point of where my family members are complaining of how bad the stench is even in the other area of the house.Sometimes they are a bit loose and then other times I am constipated. I have been diagnosed with the disease diverticulosis but no where that I have read states that any of these symptoms are related to it. I am guilty of not eating a regular well balanced diet as for some reason (believing it to be the diverticulosis or anxiety) I have no appetite so I only eat one meal a day plus this diverticulosis has limited me of what I can eat. I can no longer eat fruit or vegetables or anything that has skins on it. I do not know what to do to get the proper nutrients I need now. I have been getting alot of intestinal pain and abdominal pain all over. My stomach has been hurting alot too. They have found a small 10 mm cyst on my liver but the Dr.s think it is benign and told me that cysts are pretty common. I do suffer from extreme anxiety but am thinking this is not anxiety related but am not 100 percent sure. Can gastritis cause all of these symptoms? Can the liver cyst be the culprit? Could ulcers also cause this? Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly valued...I would love nothing more then to get out of the dark and get answers on all of these issues I suffer from not to mention be able to stop them if possible. Thank you!! :)
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I had similar digestion problems, although I don't have the diverticulosis.  Two suggestions:  You really need to see a nutritionist to find out how you need to be eating.  If you aren't eating any fruit or vegetables, your intestines definitely will not be happy. It sounds like you are on your way to malnutrition, which can cause all sorts of problems in your body. Ask your doctor if s/he can refer you to a good nutritionist.

Also, there is a lab called Metametrix in GA that does a complete GI analysis.  It is very informative as to what is happening in your gut. If your doctor is willing to order it, your insurance should cover it. I paid with a credit card up front (it is half price w/ prepay), and then my insurance reimbursed me about 90%.  It was worth it!  I did it again 3 months later to see my improvement, and I will do it at least one more time.  You would need to get a test kit from them.

It shows stomach bacteria, parasites, yeast levels, balance of good bacteria, signs of malabsorption, and Ph level (too high can cause a bad smell). I had similar symptoms that you describe and I ended up on medications for yeast & parasites & h.pylori, supplements called Intestimax and ButyrEn (both quite helpful for me), and high quality probiotics to help restore balance in the intestines (Klaire Labs Complete).

I hope this is helpful!  I know how miserable digestion problems can be.
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First off DO NOT WORRY about the reddish brown color. My son, as a baby, **** green every time he drank grape koolaid.  #2 (haha no pun intended) everybody stinks! EVERYBODY. Some times I think stink real bad  other times I actually think it smells pleasant, (I get real attracted want to weigh it, name it, send out announcements)  
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