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Pin-***** Chest Pain
Hello -

The most concerning bits of my history over the last year or so can be found here:


and here



I have developed new, and possibly unrelated (I don't know) symptoms.

If you review my history, it will detail upper left / left chest pain as well as the testing that I have had done in regards to that pain (two negative treadmill stress tests over the last 3-4 months, the most recent one being approximately a month ago and involving gamma imaging of my heart before and after the treadmill test).

As such, I am trying to tell myself that my new symptoms are not heart-related. This is proving VERY difficult.

I have been in Delhi, India for a little over 2 weeks. The room that I was staying in constantly filled with the smell of burning trash (from homeless people outside trying to stay warm). I know that there was some level of smoke that got into my room because the floor often times left a black residue on my feet and the water in the bottom of the shower often tinted black. Furthermore, blowing my nose after being in my hotel room for 30+ minutes resulted in black mucus being produced... this was not the case when away from my hotel.

Naturally, I feel that this was contributing to a sore throat / mouth.

I tried using medical facemasks to workaround the issue starting a few days ago. I thought that they were helping, but then I started getting a constant cough about two days ago.

I went to a local clinic and they gave me anti-histamines and a decongestant along with some throat lozenges. I have been taking 1 each in a.m. & p.m. as prescribed since I received them 3 doses ago ago.

Yesterday, it felt like it was moving into a head / chest cold.

I informed the manager that I couldn't stay in the room any longer, and they moved me to a room that doesn't seem to be affected by the smoke.

Before going to bed approximately 3-4 hours ago, I experienced chills upon standing up to turn off the light. I attributed this to possibly getting a mild fever from this cold, but this is a self-diagnosis. It could've just been because I am in a hotel with gaps at the windows at 2 or 3am during winter with no heat.

I just woke up about 15 minutes ago. I was laying on my left side when I woke up. When I sleep on my side, I roll both my left & right shoulders forward.

When I woke up, I was experiencing pain approximately 2-fingers widths beneath my left nipple and approximately  3-fingers width to the right.

This pain felt like a brief and painful pin ***** on my chest and on my back. (I hesitate to say IN my chest, but I assume that's what I'm experiencing). The reason I call this a pin ***** pain is because it was very localized / small area. And... it felt like someone was stabbing me with a pin or a small pokey.

This pain was intermittent. I felt my pulse in my left wrist and the pain was NOT as frequent as EVERY SINGLE BEAT, but it seemed to occur on every 5th or 6th beat. I did not record my pulse rate at this time, but I'm sure I was a little freaked out and it was elevated.

**NOTE** I have had center-mast discomfort / pain while laying on my side in the past, however, this is the first time that it's felt like it's happening on a pulse or a constant / intermittent pain.

I laid on my left side for about a minute or two to see if it was just a nightmare or something and that I could just calm myself down and recover. This did not work.

I rolled on my right side, and the pain that I am describing went away. However, I felt a slight discomfort in my right abdomen when doing this. Like there was something heavy or something poking slightly. The pain was small (as far as size and threshold).

It occurred directly below my right nipple, at approximately the level of the edge of my rib cage.

**NOTE** I have experienced this discomfort periodically for approximately 6 months.

While typing this post, I rolled back on my left side, and had another sharp, brief pain in my chest / back. When I rolled back on my right side and the pain did not reoccur. The pain also does not occur when laying on my stomach.

**NOTE** When I went to the ER approximately 1 month ago and received the nuclear treadmill test. The doctor said, "Now, I'm not saying that there's nothing wrong with you, but it's our job to tell you if you're going to die or not - and your heart is fine." According to what I could make out from the report, there was no ischema, enlargement, or defects.

Based on this, I am trying to tell myself "It's not my heart, it's not my heart..." to try to remain calm, but this is a frightening situation. No doctors have been able to diagnose / resolve what is causing this issue.

PLEASE provide your thoughts. Something that I just received as a response would be that ALL of my symptoms may be being caused by a gall bladder issue?!? Is this possible? Any and all suggestions are welcome at this time. Thanks.
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These pin-***** pain (laying on left side) and heaviness in upper right abdomen (laying on right side0 symptoms are reoccurring tonight when I tried laying down to go to sleep.

Any thoughts? Could this be gall bladder attacks?
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