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Pinched nerve relief?

Hello! I have a couple of questions and concerns. This is going to be a long question because I am going to touch upon everything that has happened.
Recently I traveled back home for the holiday season. When traveling  I had a shoulder computer bag which weighed a reasonable amount and a small suitcase on wheels. I also helped a girl up the stairs with her very large heavy bag, with my own luggage in hand as well. I didn't think anything of it because I am a very healthy person and I am relatively strong. However, on the bus ride home it felt as if I was going to have a heart attack. My left side of my neck went somewhat numb, it felt as if someone was pressing down upon it, and my left arm felt tight. I lost feeling in my little finger on my left hand, and I must say I was very anxious about it for a solid 5.5 hour bus ride.
But I got home, and somewhat forgot about it. I went along with my vacation. The pain was still there, but I was too afraid to admit that I might be having a heart attack so I did not go to the doctor. I had a lot of pressure in my shoulder/pec muscle/neck area where the shoulder bag I was carrying landed. My arm still felt tingly and not normal. And my anxiety about the situation was not helping either. I have an anxiety problem when it comes to health related issues. I am the type of girl who gets a little pain in the back of my neck and automatically assumes it is meningitis. So, needless to say, my muscles were not relaxed at all for at least a 5 day period.
Then it was time to travel back to my school once the holiday was over. I went back by train, and I figured the uncomfortable feeling was something to do with my muscles or nerves. However when I got back to school, anxiety set in again, and I felt worse. I had constant panic attacks and was the most anxious I've ever been. That includes crying in class for no reason except that I needed to cry? I also felt like my chest was burning one night, and I felt dizzy and nauseous. I felt like there was no hope to feeling better.  I would call my mom every night saying that I did not feel well and that I was certain something was wrong.
So I went to the doctor back home, traveled another 5 hours in the passenger seat of a car. And I remained anxious and tense for that ride. I was certain I was going to have a heart attack.
However, my doctor checked me out with many tests, and he told me that it was a pinched nerve in my arm that would go away with rest and time. When I asked how long it should take, he said it could take days to weeks to heal. He told me to keep taking ibuprofen and it would eventually go away.
So, needless to say I was satisfied for a couple of days, until I had to go back to school for the third time.
The panic attacks came back as well as all the symptoms. They were not as bad as the first ones I had, but I did not feel like myself again. So, I decided to go back to the Doctor at my school and get everything checked out again. And once again, the doctor told me that I pulled muscles in my chest, and that I had a strained neck muscle and a mild case of a left frozen shoulder. She also said that I probably have a pinched nerve on my left side of my neck causing most of the discomfort. She gave me a muscle relaxer and some pain medication.
Both doctors told me my pulse was completely normal and that my blood pressure was perfect. They actually smiled when I mentioned heart attack and told me not to worry, but I can't seem to stop stressing and worrying. I guess my true question is, do pinched nerves occur in the neck (in the front left side) and radiate down into the clavicle? Do these symptoms seems to match up? Pinched nerves and anxiety? I am on birth control as well and I was hoping that it would not effect anything either. I am stopping it now though because I think it is giving my heartburn and adding to my anxiety.
I just want a third opinion in this. I know it might sound ridiculous to keep worrying about it if two doctors told me the same thing, but I am still concerned, and I just want to feel better. I am not used to being in discomfort for two + weeks. Even with much Ibuprofen I still can't seem to get relief.
Any help or words of approval of this diagnosis are very welcomed! Thank you!  
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
After reading your post the only thing I can suggest is get a cervical spine MRI and a carotid artery dopplar study or angiogram. Pinched cervical nerve or a block or narrowing of carotid artery are the two conditions that need to be investigated. At your age chances of carotid artery block are less but cannot be totally ignored.
Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Do consult your doctor. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!

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Are you a paid health expert on this site?  I have been trying to find out how to contact you.  I like your input to others and was hoping for some of my own.  I am not sure how to contact you.   Sorry I posted it here, but I was not sure where else too....
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If you have a medical question you can post on the forum under undiagnosed. OR You can leave a note for me.
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