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Pitted edema, chest tightness.

I was diagnosed with gastritis about 3 years ago, ever since then my health has been in a downward spiral. I have pitted edema in my left leg that nearly goes away some days, and is really bad on others, I have a tightness in my chest dead center on the sternum, seems to go away sometimes, but is there most of the time. I just noticed purple areas showing up on my left foot by my heel as well. I feel like I always have to take a deep breath, and I am constantly clearing my throat. I just recently started getting a pain in my left butt area that resembles the pain I get with the sciatica I have in my right leg due to a lower back injury. I have had a 24hr urine test, an echo cardiogram, a pulmonary breathing test, countless ekg's and blood work to test my liver and kidneys. Everything is showing up normal. Doctor refuses to give me a stress test as well. He says I have varicose veins and that is why I have the pitted edema. I have gone to the ER countless times because of panic attacks due to me thinking this is an issue with my heart. I am at the end of my rope with all of this, and just want some kind of diagnosis.
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You said you had some heart tests, but have you actually worn a heart monitor at home? Have you had a dimer test to check for blood clots or any tests to show lymph node function? What about diabetes or thyroid? Does it hurt is it warm to the touch? There are a number of things in could be. Considering your dr checked you for all of this other stuff before settling on varicose would warrant me into getting a second opinion. Some edema with that may occur, but on the level you are describing and only one leg sounds suspicious to me. Have they at least done an ultrasound of the leg? Since you have had your heart checked and your liver and kidneys those are probably indeed fine, but clearly there is some other issue going on. What was the 24 hour urine test for? Cortisol or kidney function?
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My mother's mental and physical health went downhill drastically when she was given nexium (acid blocker). I got her off nexium (sad to say she was on that nasty drug for 6 years!) and put her onto betaine HCL with pepsin (to increase stomach acid) and digestive enzymes to also help with digestion.

Her acid reflux went away on these new supplements but to my surprise her severe gastritis pain (she has bile gastritis) went away slowly over a year! She is now much healthier mentally and physically as she can now properly digest vitamins and minerals needed for good health!

I was curious as to what was improving her gastritis and found this info...

Excerpts from Enzyme Stuff: Digestive Disorders and Enzymes...

"...there are lots of clinical studies which clearly show that taking proteases significantly speeds up healing of ulcers, gastritis, and wounded tissue."

"Proteases help reduce inflammation, clean out debris and infection, and stimulate healing."  

I can highly recommend digest enzyme supplements containing proteases.
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