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Please advise...

I have been a struggling with bulimia on and off for about 10 years.  More recently, I am suffering with anxiety pain in my ride side and insomnia collectively.  Could this be related to the long term effects of bulimia and what should I do first.  Tests run including a pelvic ultrasoun and hormones have come back with with nothing significant
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My sister suffered from bulimian for several years too and I've had several anxiety attacs.
I don't remember she telling me that she was suffering from insomnia, but if you're feeling anxious your lack os sleep is probably related to that!!! I'm not a doctor, so I tell you what I know from my experience. Bulimia, is not only an eating disorder, it has a lot to do with your feelings, emotions and your psycological situation. You should go to therapy!!!! My sister did and she's fine now, and I am seeing a therapist too in order to reduce my anxiety.

I strongly recommend you seek help. It's not healthy to live like that and believe me, you'll feel more confident and your self steem will increase a lot!!!

I hope this helps you :)
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I agree with AndreaJS17
Please get some therapy. Also, bulimia throws your blood chemistires off and causes harm to the body. Where is your pain located and how intense?
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Thanks for the encouragement - and I should have mentioned, I am in therapy...:-)  It is on my right side - my colon maybe and tends to be a dull ache.  Interestingly, it seems to have dissipated a bit in the last few days.  
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Glad to help or even listen if you need me to. It is important that you try to quit being bulimia as it causes so many health problems over time. Your life is as important as anyone elses or more. I think if you have had your liver enzymes done and electrolytes (sodium, possium etc.) and anything else the doctor wants to add. Try to keep hydrated. Bulimia will cause your enamel on your teeth to disappear too. I don't have Bulimia or any other eating disorder but I was sick a lot due to migraines in my 20's and was throwing up a lot and I don't have any enamel on my front teeth and had to get wraps for them to keep them from getting cavities or loosing them. Also, I was so thin and was tired and dizzy and anemic etc. I am so glad you have a counselor to talk to as well.
big hug,
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