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Please help, can't hold down food, weight loss

Hi, I'm a 21 year old girl, 5'0 real petite.  I realized when I came home from school for break i had lost at least 10 pounds going from about 94 ish to 80 pounds, which i was weird because I'm not trying to lose weight and not exercising.  Then yesterday morning i started not being able to hold down food regardless of how much i ate.  I ate a bite of a banana and couldn't hold it in, but it seems i can eat oranges.  

First it starts about 5 minutes after i eat, i feel a tight, squeezing mildish pain in only my right shoulder which continues until I throw up everything I had just eaten and even afterwards the pain is still there.  After I throw up, it really helped jumping into a hot bath afterwards and the pain in my right shoulder would goes right away.  Of course, until I eat again.

About 2 months ago, I had a lack of apetite and couldn't eat, but that went away after a few days. Could it be linked to this?  Except before I could eat a little bit and not feel any pain or vomiting, but now even if i eat a little i can't help it and it's to the point now where i almost try to throw up so the pain goes away.

Please help, I'm really hungry, I dont know whats wrong with me..I went to the doctors today but they werent'y sure what it is and suggested when i come back home from winter break I should go see specialists if I'm still having the same problem. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Is there something i can eat?

Thank you!!
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Hi Lillsxo.
A normal weight range for your height is 97-128 lbs.
For the time being you can try drinking your calories in shakes
with ingredients you can screen, using Dr. Coca's short version of
The Pulse Test.
Just sit in a chair and come to rest for about 5 minutes. Take your pulse for a full 1 minute (not the 15 sec. multiply by 4 thing). Then put whatever you want to test in your mouth and chew it for 30 seconds. Then take your pulse again. If you find it is faster by 6 beats, you are allergic or have a sensitivity to it. If you have type “O” blood, use 4 beats as the criteria instead of 6. It’s that simple.

One possibility for the lack of appetite is that you may have a dysregulation of some hormones,like  leptin (appetite suppressing) and other imbalance causing the vomiting.
Sudden shoulder pain after eating can be a result of gallbladder issues or gallstones, which may be accompanied by vomiting sometimes.

Does this happen with any fat-free meals or snacks?
A negative reaction to fat would be more common, but irregardless,
its recurrence is nothing regular, so it may not happen again for a while, if it's related to your gallbladder. Losing weight fast could be a risk factor
for gallstones.

I'd say try a few days on a liquid diet and see how it goes.
If you start feeling better on that, try very low fat meals (screened as explained above).
This might help you manage your intake until you return home again to see a specialist (if you still need to).

I hope this helps, however, please note that my comments and suggestions do not constitute medical advice .

Best wishes,
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Your stressing too much try to relax go to your doctor with a log of about 2weeks intakes and how long before you be ill plus have you been abroad recently if you have you could have picked up a virus try what I  suggested and your doctor will find out what is causing it
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