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Please help? I'm a minor and doctors + parents arent doing anything

I'm female, 15
Over the last few months i've had symptoms like:
-Feeling EXTREMELY tired all the time and sleeping 18+ hours sometimes
-Low energy
-Deep, gnawing pain down my entire left arm, slightly in my right arm, hip, and chest
-Tingling/ feeling on the palms of my hands and feet
-Little red dots on my palms and chest that appear and disappear within a few hours
-VERY cold when others are fine
-Bruises(painless, at least 5 and they will heal and come back) for NO reason on my legs/knee
-fainting, dizziness, general feeling of 'wooziness'
-I feel like im going to fall when i walk down stairs
-Nausea that will appear and go away in a few minutes, usually with the dizziness
-I feel awfully shaky on the inside sometimes but im not actually shaking + sharp pains that cause me to spasm

It's been awful, when i'm not in pain i feel faint or tingly, when im not sleeping im exhausted, and right now i have a sore throat and pressure in my left ear that makes a weird drumming noise which i dont believe it is connected but it could be. I'm very good at pretending there's nothing wrong until it's too late, i had severe depression for a long time before I was sent to counseling. I'm afraid that if i dont get help something bad might happen this time sense it is medical. I went to urgent care twice this month with my main concerning symptom, chest pains, and all i was given was a chest x-ray and EKG both times. They found nothing, and the first time they said it was due to anxiety/stress. I am probably the least stressed/anxious person in the world, im much more avoidant and not serious at all.

The second time some of the other symptoms kicked in like dizziness, fainting and the deep pain and the nurse said there was something wrong but they didnt have enough tests so that day we went to the emergency room at a bigger hospital. They gave the same darn tests and barely asked me about other symptoms other than the chest pains and i couldnt get a word in over them leaving in and out of the room and making us wait 4 hours!! Part of me is concerned and another part tells me im crazy. After i was told it was due to anxiety i cant take my pain seriously. It's truly saddening and i feel i have no support! Please help? What should i say/do and how urgent do you think these are? They really have been impeding on every moment of my life since they started and keep getting worse. That is what is stopping me from letting them be ignored. Any help is greatly appreciated and if any more info is needed I will gladly answer.

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I would check for thyroid to get the tiredness out of the list. I would even try eating more healthy to see if that helps. Taking vitamins . if you get dizzy a lot check your ears. Ears are like the balance in your body and hopefully you can get better
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just take this TESTS:
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I forgot to mention ive had diarrhea and constipation (one or the other on and off) for months and it's not painful but it's concerning. Sorry that's kind of gross but still.
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