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Please help.. Stomach Problems,,

So I've had this problem for the longest time now...

When I eat certain foods it makes me feel nauseous and I burp A LOT! I have no pain in my stomach but there times when I had pain in my upper stomach. I've told many doctors about this but they would never find anything wrong with me. For supper I had a spicy pasta and maybe an hour after that I started feeling nauseous it felt worst and hour later but now it's not so bad. Still a bit nauseous, I'm still burping and when I burp I taste the pasta., and I do have a bit of discomfort in my stomach.
This also happens when I eat fried and greasy food. I just can't help myself.. I know I should stop.

Should I see another doctor for this?
What could this be?

I've been taking gravol for a couple years now so I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

I'm so tired but I can't lie down feeling like this.. so I won't be going to sleep till it goes away.

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Your aim must be to identify the reason you feel ill after eating certain foods. Taking meds after eating the wrong food to allieviate the symptoms is not the answer.

I suggest you go to an allergy doctor ("immunologist") who will test you across many food groups to identify what you are allergic to. He will work with a dietician. Once you know what you should not eat, you must avoid those foods and you will feel better.

I had stomach problems for years before I was told I am allergic to preservatives ESPECIALLY in "smoked" foods and alcohol. 7 years now and I eat NO smoked foods and drink alcohol very RARELY, and I feel 100%
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Gallbladder or perhaps ulcer.
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There is a bug called "Helicobacter pylori" which is supposed to cause this kind of an infection.I have heard about this and nothing more, sure your doc can cast more light on this.
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