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Please help diagnose these bone problems

My bones crack and pop every single day. My shoulders, knees, back, toes, ankles, knuckles, jaw bone, neck, whatever can pop and crack pretty much. And no its not a habit, i dont purposely do it. Even when i just sit or move something is bound to crack/pop.

I constantly feel my toes needing to be popped when im in bed and theyll feel numb at the same time like i can feel other toes better than some and this is mostly for my pinky toes.

I also have lock jaw on both sides, and have had that for two years, which is very annoying.

The funny part is, nothing hurts. My jaw hurt for two months during june to july and thats it. What kind of doctor would i ask to see about this?

When i was 15 years old  my right leg got broken then never healed so i cant ever run or jump or lift anything too heavy.

Im 20 years old, skinny, and i eat healthy. I stretch all the time and dance which apparently doesnt involve jumping, flipping running, etc since my leg is permanently damaged.

Should i really be dealing with this? It makes me feel useless. I dont want to bring my personal life into this, but lets just say ive been very busy until now, litterally. Life can get in the way sometimes.
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I used to have cracking joints due to magnesium deficiency. I always have TMJ dysfunction but it did improve correcting my magnesium deficiency and hypothyroidism.

"Magnesium is needed to relax muscles and is important for hyaluronic acid synthesis. Hyaluronic acid is used by the body to lubricate joints." - Connective Tissue Site - Popping Jaws, Knees and Other Joints

It's worth trying magnesium anyway but another condition that causes joint popping and cracking (due to hypermobile joints) is a connective tissue disorder called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

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