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Please help this is ruining everything and making college so hard

Not too long ago I was having some chest pain and when I went to the emergency room they checked for blood clots because I had been taking birth control recently..they did all the checks, the D dimer Nd everything else I guess that they could test and they ruled that out and chucked it up to acid reflux that that runs in my family.  I started taking medication for it which did help  and things were going well, a lot of the gas was leaving my body that was trapped.  So I took that  for a couple weeks and then I stopped nd everything was smoothe sailing until later on in the summer I started getting really weird symptoms like it was starting again so I went back to the doctor and they gave me some more medicine for acid reflux I had horrible symptoms to the medicine so she took me off and then started me on a Nother one which also made me lightheaded and dizzy.  She then took me off of that medication and this dull headache  was stuck with me for the rest of the summer. one time because the pressure was so bad I went to the emergency room one day and they did a CAT scan and didn’t find anything so the doctor said it was probably a tension headache .  He said this was common but I was confused because I just started getting them out of nowhere and not only that I started having really weird muscle twitches all over my body And tingling. I was the overall feeling horrible .  You can only imagine the type of anxiety I’ve started to have . I could not understand what was going on and later all and I started having heart palpitations which could’ve been due to the anxiety but who was I to know that.  Since then  I’ve been going to every specialist in the book in keeping up with my primary care but just to name the ones I’ve been to I have been to a rheumatologist I have been to a neurologist I have been to a gastrologist and according to them everything is fine. The only thing that they have caught  and blood work and other tests such as MRIs and ultrasounds is that I have a vitamin D deficiency.  I have been taking supplements for that but not many of my symptoms have changed .  I’m lost and it’s really affecting my college education and I really could use some form of advice to try to help me understand what’s going on and I even confronted the doctor and told her that I was tired of being treated for symptoms instead of trying to understand the core root of the issue and it seems like all the pressure is on me when they tell you not to look things up online but when doctors aren’t  taking you seriously and it’s  just frustrating and I would love some help .
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Hello~I am so sorry you are having all this difficulty. Since you have seen all the doctors and had all the tests and all came back favorably, I highly suggest seeing a chiropractor. You see, you may have some pinched nerves and misaligned vertebrae in your neck and back and they could be causing the symptoms you are having.

Your first visit he will take a complete history and then some x-rays, after going through the notes and looking at the films, he will then be able to adjust you accordingly. After a few treatments, you should start feeling better,.
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