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Please help with chronic diagnosed symptoms

For the past 10 months I've been suffering neurological symptoms which can best be described as either 'head pressure' or 'brain fog'. The feeling os pressure, behind my eyes, temples and nose, is palpable, and has become virtually ever present, although it is not painful. The feeling of 'brain fog' feels like a consequence of the head pressure, as when the latter is absent so is the former. The brain fog is probably the most difficult to deal with, as I feel somehow separated from reality, and unable to live in the moment.

I have been subjected to a number of blood tests, Lyme's, allergies, hormone levels, and have been given the all clear by a neurologist and a CT scan. My GP is clearly out of ideas and my next port of call is chronic fatigue specialist, a diagnosis which I'm not convinced matches my symptoms.

I have also developed a strong sensitivity to light. For example I find it extremely difficult to be in a brightly lit office or shop, and I discovered this week that even the fairy lights on the Xmas tree are too much for me to deal with. I also notice that my symptoms tend to, though not always, get worse after eating dairy or drinking caffeine or alcohol.

My symptoms came on out of the blue on a trip to London immediately after eating a sausage from a street vendor. I remember this clearly as I thought at the time my symptoms were food poisoning.

I'm currently taking Vitamin D supplements (I was diagnosed with a mild deficiency which my doc thinks is unrelated to my symptoms) and Omega 3. I'm also taking Fexofenodine which is the first prescription I've had for my illness. My doc prescribed this on the logic that the pressure in my head may be related to allergies. I thought they had a slightly ameliorative effect at first but in the past couple of weeks I've been back to square one. Ridiculous as it sounds, I inhaled helium from a balloon to make my voice go high and my head has been unbearable pretty much from that point on.

My illness has been ongoing for ten months, and I'm really struggling to remain positive with no let up in the intensity of my symptoms and no hope of a diagnosis on the horizon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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