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Please help

So I am a female who is 25 years old.  I have presenting with symptoms for a while but they are now begining to become debilitating and unmanageable.  I don't know what to do so i am asking anyone I can for insight.  The symptoms started with mild fatigue about six months ago.  The fatigue has progressed since then from mild to extremely severer.  I sleep at least twelve hours a day and I am still too exhausted to do much of anything.  No matter how much or how little i sleep it doesn't help.  I am sleeping through alarms completely in the morning to the point where I cannot wake myself up for work.  My only saving grace once i can finally get out of bed is Vyvanse, a stimulant ADHD medication.  Although even that doesn't fight off the fatigue entirely and I still feel pretty listless.

The rest of the symptoms came on rather quickly.  A month ago I woke up with terrible neck pain.  I thought I had slept wrong so I gave it a few days and some advil but it still persisted to the point that I could barely move my neck.  I went for massages thinking it could possibly be something muscular but even those didn't help.  The pain spread into my shoulders and down my spine, eventually into my hands, wrists, and knees.  The joint pain is now accompanied by muscular pain and weakness.

Those symptoms have now progressed into constant shaking accompanied by cognitive difficulties.  I keep bumping into people and dropping things uncontrollably.  I work as a waitress and people have really begun to notice and become frustrated by it to the point that if this persists I may lose my job.  I am constantly forgetting things as well.  I have counted a number of instances, for example, over the recent months where I have forgetting where my car is parked.  Some days these things get so bad that I feel like I am living in slow motion.

The two things that made me end up seeing a doctor were the fact that I have lost roughly seven pounds in the past six weeks (no matter how much I eat) and the fact that my period was two weeks late and I was not pregnant.  Other symptoms that have also developed include headaches (mild but getting worse as the day goes on), constipation,pain in my eyeballs, terribly dark under-eye circles, and severe throat pain to the point that it hurts to swallow.

My PCP did blood work and found that most things were terribly normal.  Although a few things were not alright.  I had High prolactin, high carbondioxide, and a vitamin D deficiency.  Before the blood work results from my PCP had come back I couldn't sleep because I was in so much pain.  I was so alarmed by this and the other symptoms that I went to the hospital.  They did blood work and found high CPK (dead muscle tissue) but they said that could be related to something as simple as dehydration.  When I was at the hospital I was alarmed at how quickly they dismissed my symptoms but the fact is that I look like a heroin addict at this point and I was complaining of pain.  

My PCP referred me to several specialists but as we all know it takes weeks (at best) to get one of those appointments.  In the mean time I am really at a loss for what to do.  The symptoms seem to be progressing pretty rapidly and I am afraid that on day I may not be able to get out of bed or even wake up at all for that matter. Both Wilson's disease (presenting with psychosis) and almost every kind of cancer run in my family.  If anyone has any insight into a link between these symptoms or any ideas of what I can do to help alleviate any of this in the mean time it would be much appreciated.
Thank you!
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Sweetie get to a Eastern Doc...they know more what is going on with the nerves etc...also sounds the meds ur on...I'm on    Adderal and most of the time now it puts me to sleep ,,,I tired  Ritteral ( sorry about spelling)and that works so much better  good luck      
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If nothing is medically wrong and most tests are normal it might be a psychological or psycho somatic disorder.(thats not to say you are imagining things). Please google   -----or   youtube   " ramdev baba types of pranayam,with subtitles in english.) these are simple breathing exercises which will help you tremendously.If you have any doubts,email me at  ***@**** that helps. will pray for you.

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Have you ever taken a sleep study? I know you say you are sleeping a lot but you might not be staying in REM sleep for very long which means your not really getting any rest. They're many types of sleep disorders but not getting enough REM sleep can lead to anxiety which can lead to multiple symptoms that you mentioned. Also not getting enough REM sleep can lead to physical symptoms like the rings under your eyes, the pain in your eyes, or the headaches. Before you go to worst case scenario I would consult a doctor and see if what I am suggesting is feasible for your symptoms.
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