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Please tell me what I'm going through.

So from last year I have this ongoing allergies. Which turn out to be dry cough and asthma. I was on counter medication with inhalers.
I completely got over the wheezing and dry cough with medicines. But I still have the throat irritation sometimes.

And about four months back, centre of my tongue colour I noticed slight pain and there is a colour change. The white coating in the centre part looks like disappeared to a flat pink region. Doc diagnosed it with vitamin deficiency. And I took tablets for three weeks.
Pain is gone. But the coating is not fully over it. I still have that region in light pinkish colour. Been there for four months.
And body also itches sometimes. No visible rashes. But I feel it to be very itchy sometimes. What could this be?
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You need to rule out leaky gut syndrome and histamine  intolerance.
Oh thanks for the response. What could this be?
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So, could you possibly have oral thrush?  I'd get that looked at as this is easy to treat.  Otherwise, if you have allergies, those often don't just 'go away'.  My son is on year round allergy medication.  It sure keeps him feeling better.  Post nasal drip can cause a sore throat and he also has itching which makes him try to clear to itch it which can be irritating in and of itself.  Have you ever seen an allergist?  My son's allergies are pretty straight forward.  Responds well to otc allergy meds.  
I saw an allergist and was diagnosed with rhinitis a year back. I was counter medication and got rid of the cough and wheezing. With the help of inhalers. But the throat itching is not going away. And now this depapillated region in the centre of the tongue. I'm really stressed out

Thanks for your time.
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