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Plethora of symptoms - no diagnosis

Around the first of march 2013 I started experiencing extreme lower back pain of unknown origin and started loosing weight. In march 16th I found an inflamed inguinal lymph node in my right side. I was starting to experience stabbing pain localized under my right rib. Then the pain extended down the inside and back side if my right leg. Then my entire abdominal section on my right side started aching but the localized stabbing pain under my right rib continued. My blood pressure rose and averaged at 153/113. I have been bed ridden since march 18th. I had a tingling sensation in the medial portion of my right arm all the way down to my pinky and ring finger and half if my middle finger. I was taken to the emergency room with severe chest pain over my heart, dyspnea, confusion, and a BP of 163/118 @ 128 bpm. They preform an EKG, found nothing and sent me home in extreme pain. The tingling in my arm turned to numbness. My GP doubled my BP meds and out me in donperidone suspecting an ulcer.  On Sunday April 7th I was rushed to the ER again with extreme pain on my right side, dyspnea, confusion, and a drooping sensation on the right side of my face and well as extreme muscle stiffness on the right side of my neck and dysphasia on the right side of my throat. They said it was nothing and gave me a shot of Toridol. I went back to my doctor who put me on a BuTrans patch (5mcg/h). It did nothing. I gave it 72h and nothing. So I had it increased to (10mcg/h) and it is curbing the pain. I can not stand for more then 10 minutes then I am too weak to continue. I am having trouble with short term memory. I am experiencing diplopia in the morning and at night and blurred vision in my right eye. I have lost 32lbs, have no appetite, and am constantly feeling dehydrated. Now I have found what I assume is an mediasternal lymph node below my xhyphoid process to the right. I am falling over, loosing my balance while standing straight. I have started putting emphasis on the wrong syllables when I speak. I also "lost time" two nights ago when I took a sip of water then woke up with the bottle completely empty beside me in the bed lying in a huge puddle that had the time to move up my shirt, so I'm assuming at least 30-60 seconds. I have no recollection after putting the bottle to my lips. I have had two rounds of blood work, an ultrasound, a pelvic exam, a complete cat scan, and have seen an optometrist. All they can find is one slightly increased inflammatory marker and the inflamed lymph node and NOTHING else. I feel like I'm dying. What do I do???
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I'm sorry you are suffering so!

I'm also sorry if any doctor actually said all those symptoms you were having was nothing!  They should be reported to the medical licensing board.

A) When you say complete cat scan, does that include one of your spine and one of your brain?  And was it done through a neurologist?

B) Did they do an MRA/MRV to look at the blood vessels in your head after you had the stroke like symptoms you described above?  

C) Did they do a doppler study of the carotid arteries in your neck?

You mentioned your GP doubled your BP meds.
D) Did he/she run a plasma free metanephrines test to rule out a pheochromocytoma (rare, catecholamine emitting tumor, which can cause high spikes in blood pressure)?

E) Have you seen a cardiologist for testing beyond an EKG done in the ER?  

F) Have you had an echocardiogram?  

G) What about a nuclear stress test?
H) Have you had a lipid panel done?  If so, what was your triglyceride number?  What was your HDL number and what was your LDL number?

I)  Have they run a CRP test?  

J) If the lymph node has been inflamed for a prolonged period and given your weight loss, did anyone suggest a biopsy of it to check for cancer?

K) Is your kidney function alright?  What is your GFR (glomerular filtration rate)?

L) Have they run any stool tests?

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I agree with LivinginHope you need more test, You may want to add MRI to that list. Also please go to my profile and look at my picture of the Nerve conduction chart! It may help you in some way. I hope you are soon on your way to recovery! Best wishes, Sissie
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I agree - sounds pretty heavy, someone (sofar all the specialists you have seen) have dropped the ball on this one!

Good Luck, I am praying for you!
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I completely answered your questions then my phone decided to erase them all. Ok, here we go again;

A) April 19th. It included abdomen, right inguinal lymph node, lumbar spine, and my head after much "encouragement". I'm assuming it was reviewed by a radiologist.  I have requested a neurologist but they don't think it's necessary.

B) no MRA

C) no Doppler

D) no plasma

E) no cardiologist

F) no echo

G) no stress test

H) I feel like tri's were looked at with the first round of blood work. He mentioned nothing about the numbers.

I) no CRP test

J) yes I have a biopsy scheduled for a month from now. I have also since found another lump in my chest below and to the right of my sternum. I'm assuming its the mediasternal node inflamed.

K) GFR was tested, nothing mentioned. They were only concerned about my creatine when having the CAT at which point they said "pre op levels were normal"

L)  no.

It's been 45 days and all they can tell me is "it's probably not cancer". My next test is the biopsy May 23rd. Meaning while, I'm dying lol
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I definitely agree I need an MRI. They don't think it's necessary if the CAT scanned showed nothing. I'm like....soft tissue? Perhaps?
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I am having the suspicion because like I said, it's been 45 days and I've been having to push for things. I had to push for the second round of blood work where that inflamatory marker was found. I had to push to have my BO meds raised. I had to push for the pain patch. I had to push to have it increased. I had to push for a CAT scan. And I had to push for it to include my head.

I don't know if you guys are Canadian but health is free here and it is slow as f**k. As a 31 aged, otherwise healthy female, I feel like they should care more about my symptoms. I'm bed ridden for gods sake.
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