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Possible lupus

Early this year I went to the dr for a rash I developed it happened due to the sun. I have redness On my face. A spot by red rash on my arm that breaks out in sun. Headaches, joint pain swelling and inflammation. I also have had tingling in my arms and legs. My feet and hands stay cold especially my feet. I have extreme exhaustion no matter how much sleep I get. Both my doctor and dermatologist seems to think it’s possibly lupus but every ana I have done is negative.
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"Most people with lupus will have a positive ANA test result. It is very rare, but it is possible to have a negative ANA test and still have lupus. In these instances, other antibodies are present."

The ANA test measures a hodgepodge of antibodies together, but the other tests look for individual antibodies such as dsDNA and Smith. You should want a panel of those.

Annie is saying to check urine because kidney damage can be a very bad and irreversible effect of lupus. Protein in urine makes it frothy, but that's a late effect. Early detection of kidney damage is critical, that's why I'm answering here to say that urine dipsticks give early detection - and you can even buy them OTC for $10-$20.
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Are you taking any prescriptions that would make you sensitive to the sun, such as doxycycline? Has the doctor tested your iron level?
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Also, have you been tested for protein in the urine?
No sun reactive medications and I don’t think so about iron. My doctor also has not done any urinalysis.
My question about iron was because anemia can make a person feel really exhausted, it can get to the point where it's difficult just to walk across a room. It would be worth finding out.  

You might read up on lupus on one of the comprehensive sites (like Mayo Clinic) paying particular attention to how it is diagnosed, and check the list of things they do to determine whether someone has it or not to be sure everything has been done. It might even be worth seeing a rheumatologist. But do look for anemia first, or even more simply, start taking an iron supplement (with vitamin C to aid in absorption) and see if you feel less tired.
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