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Possible lyme diagnosis? Mysterious pain

Hello all. I am a little unsure of where to proceed with a recent diagnosis and would love your help.
I've been enduring some leg soreness/heaviness/pain after exercise (especially) for the past couple years.
I consulted a neurologist and other specialists. At the time, the neurologist suspected I had some sort of metabolic myopathy and suggested an open biopsy of my thigh. The biopsy showed no abnormal results. I also got some nerve tests and endless blood labs. All were fine.
This summer I was trying to ignore the achy feeling in my legs but it wouldn't subside. Then, my wrists/forearms started to hurt...thought it was tendonitis or something in that I am an artist.
Eventually I consulted one last doctor who gave me an Igenex test in which I tested positive for Lyme. She thinks everything (including bouts of heavy fatigue I didn't mention) are attached to the untreated Lyme.
My primary care doc thinks I don't have Lyme, and there seems to be some tension surrounding Lyme in the medical field.
All my other Lyme AB tests before this were negative so I think this is were the issue might be...
The treatment is basically detoxing with herbal remedies/whatnot and 6 months antibiotics. I'm totally up for doing it, but should I just trust I have Lyme? Thanks!
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Just an opinion -- if a doctor told me I had Lyme's Disease, I'd take the antibiotics no matter what the general practitioner thought.
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Hey jcard, you must be the same person as jmc...... Did you find a solution to this problem? Was it Lyme's? I am asking because I have similar issues and no solution.
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Make sure you find a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) as most other doctors won’t do the right tests to come up with a Lyme diagnosis.   You can search online for LLMD, then narrow it down to your own area.  
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Lyme is very hard to diagnose.  Some people go years before getting a correct diagnosis.  In this case, where you have a conflict, I would ask, were either of the docs specialists in diagnosing and treating Lyme?  Your primary care doc isn't a specialist in anything, he's by definition a generalist, and you don't mention the other doc, but when you get a conflict it's not a bad idea to see a third doc and one who really specializes in what you think you might have.  
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