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Possible mold/fungal

My digestive symptoms started in the summer of 2008. We where headed to idaho to go camping.  I was in the car eating grapes, which i often ate.  When we got the the camping sit i was vomiting, had diarrhea and couldn't keep anything down beside oatmeal for the whole weekend. After that weekend is when everything went wrong.  It started with my stomach; bloating, constipation and cramping.  I studied nutrition and did an elimination diet and excluded the top ten allergens for six weeks to completely clean my system out, and added them back in one by one.  I did have a reaction to gluten, pesticides, artificial sweeteners, raw fruits and vegetables and casein.  But all it did is cause bloating.  I still had the constipation.  I eat pretty healthy, always whole grains and I get at least 30 grams of fiber a day.  I have been to numerous gastroenterologists which have done blood work and a complete work up with no conclusion.  I have had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy with no issues found.  Tested for parasites and even took medicine just incase the test was a false negative. All of the doctors I have gone to ended up saying it is IBS. And I am not happy with that diagnosis. I know it is something more.  The last doctor prescribed my xifaxin which helps by completely clearing out all of the bacteria in my small intestine and letting me start over.  I am bloated for the first week but after that I am not bloated for about two weeks.  But again that is just a coverup for my symptoms.  I have been to internists which do a complete work up with everything coming up normal.

I have had very thin flaking nails since I was a teenager.  I have been on numerous anti depressant medication since I was sixteen.  I just feel like I have a dark cloud over my head constantly.  I have hardly any energy and I am so forgetful now.  I can't remember the simplest of things.  I have zero sex drive.  My skin is horrible now, I break out and have dry spots no matter what I do to combat them.  I was in school but have had to stop because i can't focus or remember things that where taught.  I have a really hard time loosing weight no matter how much I worked out or how well i ate I would not loose weight.  The only way I loose weight is by calorie restrictive diets.  I know are completely horrible for me but it depresses me even more being over weight.  I used to not be like this but I feel like that my symptoms are just getting worse.  I have very thin fine hair now which it used to be very thick.  I have hyperhydrosis which could be related as well.  I am bloated everyday. I just am feeling more and more depressed everyday.  I am extremely depressed now. I have done everything I can think of with the same end result.

I ended seeing a bioidentical hormone specialist in October 2014; who put me on a list of hormones. We did a lot of testing and almost everything was on the low end except DHEA and estrogen. Progesterone was almost nothing 0.2. We started slowly because of the tendency to have my body over react.  I saw some improvements, but over all did not find the root of the problem. In December 2014, I starts taking an injection of testosterone. My body didn't react with the first dose. However, two weeks later I did the second dose and my body went crazy. I was completely over heated, and I could not cool my body no matter what I did. Sleeping was miserable, I had to open the windows in my house in the middle of winter just to slightly cool my body. I was hot, but my body did not sweat.  All the heat just stayed inside my body, like it was fighting something internally.  This lasted for about two months. I took myself off of everything, supplements, hormones, and had to start up my anti depressant again and adderall just to make it through the day. I started to try to detox my body by doing coffee enemas as often as needed. Now I rarely defficate on my own, if I am lucky I can move maybe two stools on my own each month. The rest I have to use the coffee enema. I have do every supplement out there to try to move things along. Some of the supplements help with slowly moving things but only for a minute then it goes back to not helping at all. My body has become so hypersensitive. I cannot even take certain supplements or any antibiotics without my internal temperature rising and I become miserable again. I have noticed that certain chemicals make me have a reaction, lotions, soaps, laundry detergents, cleaning solutions. I have eliminated those chemicals and now use natural and organic products which seam to help. Everything my body reacts to cause it to just get hot. I am miserable. The only thing I have actually found to lower my over heating is that I convinced my primary care physician to put me on a systematic and intestinal anti fugal. I also stopped eating/drinking things which had a tendency of having mold on them, I.e. peanuts, coffee etc. I also wanted to limit my sugar intake and rarely eat anything with sugar. After I started the anti fungal I did notice my symptoms get worse for about two weeks, then my cravings weren't as noticeable and bloating lessened. However, I stopped eating as much and almost skip lunch altogether, I just feel better when I don't eat. But all my other symptoms are still present.

Here is a list of my current symptoms: bloating after I eat, which gets worse throughout the day, no matter what I eat it gets upset, although some foods like raw vegetables and fruits upset it the most right now.  Constant constipation, a nonstop headache for about two months, brain fog, forgetfulness, fatigue, upon awaking feeling exhausted, like you never slept, irritability, depression, chemical sensitivities, problems staying asleep(between 2-5 hours a night), dandruff, white itchy  spots on skin, brittle nails, thin hair, extreme allergies, hyperhydrosis, very dry skin, cramping, back pain, muscle and joint pain, breakouts and rashes, difficulty loosing weight, dizzy at times, halitosis since I was a teenager, bleeding gums. My body is in hypersensitive mode all the time.
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