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Possible std/undiagnosed viral infection! Please help!!!!!!

28 yr old male

Week one after oral sex with female
Rash on right groin

2 weeks later
Hair follicles and skin on both sides of testicles inflammed and burning

Week 3
Tip of penis had red dots all over it and tip of penis was inflamed

Week 4
Throat got really sore
Full std screen nothing

Week 6
Had a UTI

Week 7
Another full std screen. They did urine/blood for all stds and there was nothing
Tip of penis still irritated to this day

Week 8
A lot of Pressure in ears and eye trouble and stiff neck/hurting

Week 9
Screened for cytomeglovirus, had a HIV DNA test and for EBV and did a throat swab for strep or staph

Week 10
The only thing that that came back was they said I was recovering from mono

Same week I saw an ear nose and throat dr looked at me didn't seem worried.

Still to this day I have red dots on tip of penis/urethral irritation, throat is sore and having some eye problems. I go for an MRI this week and next week I'm going to retest for some of the major stds.

You can read the post also that I put on my page to Dr HHH. He seems to think it's not an std but all this started to happen within a week of having oral sex with a girl for no longer than a minute
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Well, the symptoms may or may not be related to the oral sex.

The most common causes of rash on male genital and surrounding area is sweat dermatitis and fungal infection like Tinea cruris also called jock itch.  The symptoms can vary from redness to itch to burning sensation to frank rash to skin discoloration. The other possibilities are eczema, contact dermatitis (with soaps, solutions, and other items of personal care) or even a bacterial infection and STD (especially herpes).

Since the groin, scrotal skin and tip of penis is involved, in all probability it is a fungal infection. Apply any OTC antifungal cream with a combination of two or more antifungals (Clotrimazole 1%, Miconazole nitrate 2%, Tolnaftate 1%, ketoconazole, terfibnafine and Butenafine hydrochloride 1%). See if this helps reduce the symptoms. If you get relief, apply the ointment/lotion until the redness disappears. Alternatively, consult a skin specialist and get a KOH test to rule out fungal infection. Start the treatment once diagnosis is confirmed. The specialist can also help you rule out dermatitis.

Also, re-test for herpes, gonorrhea, chlamydia and HIV (complete the 6 month testing for HIV). Get urine and semen analysis to rule out UTI and prostatitis. Both can cause redness at the tip of penis. Also, give a swab test from tip of penis to rule out bacterial infection.

Wear cotton undergarments. Avoid using any lotions and soaps, except medicated soaps or soft soaps like Dove. Keep the area dry and wear loose clothes, preferably made of cotton.

Please discuss with your doctor. Hope you get well soon! Good Luck and take care!
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These were the tests I had done at 7 weeks post unprotected oral exposure

HIV 10 Min Rapid blood test
CBC With differential/Platelet
Comp Metabolic panel (14)
RPR, Rfx Qn RPR/Confirm TP
Chlamydia/GC Amplification
HSV, IgM I/II Combo
HSV, 1 and 2- Specific Ab, IgG
Hepatitis Panel (4)
UA/M w/rlfx Culture, Routine
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Thank you for the input!!! I had a few more quick questions

Do you think the syphilis and hepatitis testing is ok for the exposure after 7 weeks?

And as for herpes, can it manifest as what I mentioned without ever having blisters of any kind? And if so, if it was misdiagnosed what are the chances that if it was herpes could it cause my neurological problems as meningitis caused from the herpes virus?

Or can the mono cause the neurological symptoms I'm having?

Thank you for all your input!!!!
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Yes, you can test for symphilis and hepatitis, 7 weeks after exposure. Syphilis is unlikely as you do not have any sores. Yes, herpes can remain silent, cause rash like symptoms or blisters. Yes, herpes virus can cause meningitis. However, your ear/eye/neck symptoms can also be due to anxiety, pinched nerves, benign intracranial hypertension or due to high blood pressure. Please discuss with your doctor.
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