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Post Viral?? Weakness and tingling after flu....

Hi I'm Jeff, I'm 28 years old and live in Toronto Canada...
I need help trying to figure out what's happening to me...
I'll start from the beginning...In November 2009 I started to get a sharp burning pain in my back...by my left shoulder blade...by the end of December the burning pain had spread to the right side then to the top of my stomach....the pain was a daily thing and varied in intensity throughout the day...but remained the same for about 6 months.
Then at the end of May...I caught a sore throat from my girlfriend, lymph nodes on each side of my neck swelled up which has never happened to me before...other than the enlarged nodes there was nothing unusual about the cold...runny nose...cough...and very sore throat..........in a couple days the cold subsided...and i started to get tingling in my legs and arms....then my eyelids started to burn and my eyes went red...that went away in a couple days....the tingling and burning in my legs and arms continued and increased in intensity....my legs and arms started to feel really weak....by the 3rd week of June my legs were so weak I had trouble walking.....by the end of June I could barely stand and was tingling and burning all over my body....I checked into the hospital in the beginning of July....the doctors in the ER suspected GBS....so they did a spinal tap and admitted me.....the spinal tap came back normal...they did an MRI of my brain and spine which were also normal....then an EMG and Nerve conduction tests which were also normal....they decided to release me and let me follow up from home (which i wasn't very happy about since I could still barely walk)
It's now July 16th and I'm still really weak in my arms and legs and back of my neck....and I get a light burning or tingling sensation all over my legs..genital area..arms...and sometimes neck face and chest....It's very scary as I have a 10 month old son and I'm really worried about what's happening to me....I have an appintment with another Neurologist in a week and a half.....
What does everybody think??
Post Viral???
Will I ever be back to normal??
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maybe u have more than one thing going on and the timing just happened to be horrible? ask for a complete cbc and a full body ct scan with contrast. also look into restless leg syndrome as in many people it is not just localized to the legs. when all else fails fibromyalgia is also a possibilty but is more common in women. do u take any medication? some anxiety meds have side effects similar to this...my legs were paralyzed for 3 wks after a week of taking a xanax zoloft combo as prescribed
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I think it is possible that you will return to normal if you are ever diagnosed.  Were you checked for strep when you had the sore throat?  Another thing you might want to be checked for is mono.  Strep can cause complications if not diagnosed and treated properly.  The tingling and burning can usually be contributed to neuropathy or neuralgia.  Seeing a neurologist might be a good thing, but I also think that you need to have blood work done.  It probably would not hurt for you to have a full blood work up to find out what is going on.  Im sorry that I could not be of more help.  I wish you the best of luck.  
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