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Post op scar tissue formation

In July 2013,I had ulnar nerve surgery and immediately had complications from it. In December 2013 the surgeon performed exploratory surgery on the elbow to look for the cause of the complication. During this second surgery, he noticed a very large amount of scar tissue growth around and beyond the original surgical site which he excised with no relief of the complication symptoms. I sought out a second opinion and that surgeon also performed an exploratory surgery in which he also saw the formation of a very large amount of scar tissue that had developed in a very short period of time which he also excised. While discussing the issue with the second surgeon, he said that I should be more concerned about the cause of the rapid scar tissue growth than with the complication from the original surgery. He stated that the cause is most likely an underlying disease of some sort. He suggested looking into either a cardio pulmonary disease or a connective tissue disease. About 3 or 4 years ago, my pcp performed several heart related tests which were all negative, however, I'm not sure if those tests ruled out every cardio pulmonary disease that exists or not. My question is, what other diseases can cause the rapid growth of post operative scar tissue? I've tried doing research online and have not been able to get the results I'm looking for. Whenever I search anything to do with scar tissue, I keep getting results pertaining to skin scars and not anything pertaining to internal post operative scar tissue. The only information I was able to glean from my search is that the scar tissue may be called keloids instead of just scar tissue. When I try to perform a search about post operative keloids formation, I also get information that doesn't help. Could this be an indication of it might be something that is rare? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. I thank you very much for your time and attention to this issue.
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Scar tissue formation is  a normal bodily function in healthy individuals as a protective mechanism, following an injury/ tissue damage or infection.

Look into scleroderma variants to possibly explain your condition, where an overproduction of collagen (which is made by disturbed fibroblasts-by repeated surgeries in your case) causes the excess build-up of scar tissue.

This is a bit of a challenge to diagnose sometimes, but your pcp may have been on something, 3-4 years ago when he ordered those tests.
Testing for Antitopoisomerase-1, Anti-Scl-70 or Anticentromere antibodies
might help to establish a diagnosis, should medical history and physical exam, not be enough.
There's a vascular component in systemic scleroderma and it can potentially also cause heart and/or lung fibrosis.

It's definitely not a very rare condition, but definitely not common.
There's no known medical cure, only symptom management.
You may want to research Myofascial Release, as a possible treatment for excess scar tissue.

IDK, there might be other underlying factors which may have led to
the excess scar tissue, but nothing else stands out.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,

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