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Presistent symptoms that doctors cant explain! Any theories?

Hello, so this all started in September (7 months ago) i was on a night shift when i started itching all over head to toe. I had fevers, extreme weaknes and itchy eyes. The fevers subsided after 2 weeks but the itching all over and and itchy eyes continue to this day! I continued to try and carry on as normal, working and renovating my house. A mouth passed and i started having chest pains and tightness cold like symptoms and lost 2 stone. so I visited the doctors, i had a blood test on my liver and found high bilirubin so was put on a waiting list to see a  Hepatologist in three months! After another month passed i started getting extreme headaches my neck was so stiff and my head felt like it was going to explode i had ringin in ears and flashes of light whist my eyes where closed and i started having muscle twitching all over my mostly my neck i had a weak jaw and neck felt like it couldn’t hold the wait of my head. I got fast tracked to oncology where there ran a pet ct scan from knees to my neck and a mri on my head. The only thing they found was my thumus was enlarged. I have been of work nearly 2 months now i have weird symptoms, numb pain in right armpit, pain under my nipples i can feel a thub in the middle of my chest and fulness comes every few hours, saw itchy blood shot eyes with pressure behind them, i wake up in the night with my throat burning still constantly feel like i have a cold, when i eat my jaw goes numb and some times shooting pains. The doctors recon they have done lots of tests and they just cant find anything! Currently seeing a neurologist at the moment but there confused. Im pretty sure I contracted hpv just before this all started had a genital wart appear in October but doctors don’t think it could caurse all this my wisdom teeth are coming through but my dentist thinks this couldn’t be causing any of this and the only thing they found on a test throat swab was a bacterial infection witch i had penicillin tablets for a week but my throats still bad. Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated thanks mark
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As you are renovating you might have these symptons due to exposure to lead, asbestos, toxic mould etc.
I did say about asbestos to my doctor but he said it will take years before symptoms will show! Not sure if thats true or not. But i will look into these theories and explain to the doctor again. Thanks
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