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Pressure on bladder

Since I was married, a year ago, I've been having frequent infections that have turned into kidney infections more often than not. With a bladder infection I had in Dec. I was given Macrobid, and ever since then I've had these symptoms:
-Bladder Pressure that gets worse at night or if I'm laying down but also occurs throughout the day
-Urgency (or pressure) that is not relieved when bladder is empied
-Frequency: at least 30 times a day
-Sometimes I feel "burning" in my bladder (like my first symptoms of UTI only I don't have one) and no burning w/urination
-Also been having some flank pain (maybe from my last kidney infection a couple wks ago?) and abdominal pain, esp. when driving on rough roads

What could be causing this? The pain is interfering with work. Please help!
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Well, it is back in your gynecologist's lap.  I don't think the urology issue is the primary problem.  I think the gynecology problems are causing the urology problems.  She needs to make the time now to find out what is going on with you.

Keep us posted.
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Cystitis that is not interstitial cystitis is another way of saying urinary tract infection, involving inflammation of the bladder.  They would wait a few days to see if any bacteria would grow out with a urine culture.  It is more accurate than just a simple UA or urininalysis, because WBCs in urine can go back to "baseline" if the infection has been hanging around long enough.  They may want to look for WBCs and kidney function testing to your blood as well.

Interstitial cystitis (IC) can mirror the symptoms of UTI, but no infection will show up.  Sometimes blood will show up in the urine, but it doesn't have to show up with every urine test.  Cystoscopy with hydrodistention is the best way to confirm a diagnosis of IC- they look for number of petechiae inside the bladder walls.  That diagnostic test is done under anesthesia.

Endometriosis can manifest itself with painful heavy periods.  If it gets inside your bladder, you can get blood in your urine from it.  It can also cause symptoms like a urinary tract infection and like interstitial cystitis.  An experienced MRI trained radiologist may detect endometriosis inside your bladder if the implants are a large enough size to pick up with the MRI slices.  

Candidiasis or yeast infection can make you feel burning, but not in your bladder.  It usually is accompanied by at least some itching and can give a cottage cheese type discharge.  Once you have first been diagnosed by a doctor for this problem, there are OTC treatments for this, but if they do not work, there is prescription medication to get from your gyn doctor.  If you continue to have irregular periods, they may want to do an endometrial biopsy, where they take a little lining from your uterus and send it to the lab.  They may also want to test your blood for FSH and LH levels (be sure and get tested at the proper time in your cycle, which they SHOULD instruct you on).  Also, your doctor may want to order blood testing for thyroid function as if that's off it can affect your mense.
A cystoscopy in the urologist's office revealed an indented area in my bladder.  My bladder emptied normally.  They suggested a pelvic ultrasound because they felt it likely a fibroid tumor in my uterus was pressing on my bladder.  The ultrasound proved the urologist correct.  The other time I had frequent urination related to a gyn problem, my bladder dome wall was folded and stuck to my uterus with endometriosis.  Now I have flare-ups with interstitial cystitis at times which can make urination more frequent.

I hope the doctors can locate the source(s) of your burning, pain and frequent urination.  Know that stress can always play a part in making whatever it is worse, so I hope you are not too stressed out!
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Get to gynecologist ASAP!  The only thing that sticks out when you explain your story is that you have had this since you had gotten married.  My guess is maybe the bacteria is being transferred to you from your husband sexually causing problems.  Just a guess.  

Keep us posted.
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Thanks for the answers! If it was cystitis, what would they find in my urine culture? The gynecologist that did a recent precedure on me didn't have time to look at this issue so she sent me to a urologist. The urologist mostly looked at the frequency of infections and doesn't know why I have pressure since my bladder is emptying well. My culture also was good. What other symptoms would there be to look for if it was a reproductive problem? I don't know if it matters, but my period bleeding is becoming inconsistent, I think anyway. PMS has been getting worse, cramps more painful, bleeding heavier sometimes, and really light other times. This last cycle I had two days of blood clots (I don't ever remember having clots) and one of those days was bleeding really heavy - very painful cramps and lower back.
Thanks for your help!!
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Welcome to the MedHelp forum!
One possibility is cystitis or inflammation of the bladder. Diagnosis is by the symptoms you have backed up by urine routine examination and urine culture. The other possibility is uterine fibroid pressing on the bladder wall. The third possibility is a vaginal yeast infection. Please consult your gynecologist and get this investigated.
Hope this helps. Take care!
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You aren't pregnant are you?  If not, consider a large fibroid tumor in your uterus pressing on your bladder... this happened to me & I was having to go so often it seemed awful!  Have you had an ultrasound of your pelvis?  Regarding flank pain- an abdominal ultrasound (not the same as a pelvic ultrasound) would take a look at your kidneys.  Also, consider interstitial cystitis, which can mirror the symptoms of a UTI without having one.  And so can endometriosis in your bladder.  Do you ever have blood showing up in your urine?
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