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Problems regulating body temperature

I am 26-year old female. I have a serious problem with regulating my body temperature. I feel freezing cold or overly hot. In the winter, I feel like my body is asleep at all times and does not generate any heat if I am not exercising. I can't do any of my hobbies inside of the house because I am too cold. I take hot showers, use warm baths for my feet, run warm water over my hands. I dress appropriately. I sleep under 3 blankets while my husband has 1. Once my body is cold, it has a problem to get warm. In the summer time, I bring a light jacket with me everywhere. Even a small breeze could cause me feeling extremely cold. When I am on the sun, I get too hot. My face is flashing red and I get dizzy really quickly. I am extremely Vitamin D deficient and being treated for this condition. Over past 2 month (while taking Vitamin D), my coldness problem did not improve. My thyroid is perfectly normal. I do not feel depressed and I do not experience any anxiety. My problem with regulating the body temperature is causing me a lot of trouble in my personal life. I can not stand being cold anymore. It hurts my body. I sleep with my fist close with my hand placed on my neck so my fingers do not get cold. I fear to feel cold more than anything else. My doctors think it is normal, does not matter I explained several times that it is the core of my body that is cold and I can not deal with it anymore.
I will appreciate any help. I am really desperate to get better.
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Thanks for writing to the forum!
Body temperature regulation in humans is carried out by the brain and involves our skin, sweat gland and blood vessels. It is really very difficult to comment on what could be wrong. Hypothyroid state is generally the commonest cause for this. You can get a repeat thyroid profile and also antibody test to rule out autoimmune Hashimotos. Another possibility is peripheral nerve involvement as in Diabetes. You should also get your parathyroids tested. Vitamin D deficiency too can cause similar symptoms and it would be some time before normal levels are reached with therapy.
Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
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Thank you for your answers. I really appreciate it. They definetely help. My only concern is that my doctor does not seem to think that it is anything important. Or anything I should worry about. Does not matter how much discomfor this is causing me. I have few antibodies positive for Autoimmune disease (Lupus or Sjorgern's Syndrome) but the rheumatologist did not think that it is seriuos. She is running tests for other autoimmune diseases. I will see if my doctor is willing to run the test for diabetes and test my parathyroids. I start to feel that there is no help for me when all doctors turn their backs at me saying it is OK to be cold all the time.
Thank you again
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I have the exact same problem as you! I'm also vitamin d deficient with no other problems I've done a hundred blood tests too with no answers. I'm miserable cause it wakes me up in the night I'll fall asleep freezing with no relief and wake up in the middle of the night burning up. Did you ever get any answers? You're the first person I've heard of having this problem.
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Im the same although not vit d deficient...my doctor doesn't seem to care and rhuematoligist said they didn't know that was wrong. i am miserable because of it and embarrassed always having to wear at least double the amount of clothes my friends/colleagues wear. The only thing that warms me up is a 6min sunbed, the heat generates right to my core but obviously its not good nor practical to be on a sunbed all the time.
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I have almost the exact same problem.  No vitamin D deficiency.  I feel as though I have little needles poking in my skin all the time.  My body shakes uncontrollably and feels sometimes as though it is never going to warm up.  I don't really get the hot symptoms, but am always always cold, my skin is always cold to the touch.
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I am experiencing the same problem an cannot get answers. If its cold and I am outside to long it gets bad. I have come inside and cranked up the heater, been covered with every blanket in the house. Yet I cannot seem to warm up, my body shivers uncontrollably and then the next day I am achy an miserable. Have you figured anything out about this?
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Did you get all the things checked the doctor above mentioned?  

The hypothalamus is the endocrine gland that is supposed to ultimately regulate your temperature in your body.  Some people with dysautonomia ( a dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system) have problems with being too cold and some with not sweating.

If you have gotten the things ruled out that the doctor mentioned, have any of you been evaluated at a clinic that specializes in autonomic dysfunction?  
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