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Since the day (October 2019) I just went inside a grocery store thinking I was dying,  the feeling started after I felt something a bit sharp in my right back neck, out of nowhere my mind went crazy. Irrationally I  went inside that place I remember looking to the ceiling spinning a bit and my mind was saying "I'm gonna die, save me"   the feeling of death was so weird that in my mind a fast movie started floating  feelings of how I wasted my life, things I never accomplished. I was just begging for air, people inside confirmed I was looking bad, so they helped me , I was sitting down till things calmed down.
But as I said, since that day I don't feel normal anymore,  everytime I leave home alone I felt bad, my eyes and cheeks feels weird, my head seems floating around and if a walk for a bit specially if I climb a small hill something ibside my head starts to "push" or getting heavier (it is very hard to explain) but something inside feels that way and instantly the thought of death takes control of my head. Its getting to the point of depression, because if I explain to people they say I'm lazy, it's on your mind or I am becoming anti social...
I'm just screwed up, unemployed and home stucked, depending on my sister and family. Even at home depends of the hour my head feels bad and eyes heavy
This is so "funny" before all this problems, when I walked on streets I felt so free with a clear mind, now when going outside my mind is polluted with feelings of death and anxiety, I feel so overwhelmed by the environment.
And I don't know what is causing this, I mist admit here I never went to a physician or doctors to get a blood exam or a general exam,  I am 27 yo the last time I got a full exam when I was 18yo when I got the appendix removed due to an infection, since then nothing,also my teeths are screwing me, I have two wisdom tooth broken to gumline theu have an abscess sideways of gum but I never went to a dentist because I hate myself (I think?)
Teeth can cause all thiproblems? I remember being extremely over conscious about it, but I said to me "leave them to rot" I am worthless...
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The fact you aren't seeing doctors suggest you have a pretty bad anxiety problem, and so this could have been an anxiety attack. But if you don't see doctors and get your teeth fixed -- infections don't stay in one place -- you'll really never know if it's mental or physiological in origin.  But it's definitely mental now, but you still need to see docs and dentists if you truly want to move on.  From there you'll have to probably see a therapist at the least to unwind all this chaotic thinking you've fallen into.  You have some work to do, and anxiety makes it much harder to do that, but it is what you need to do to move on.
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