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Prolonged fatigue, dizziness, and abdominal pain

I amd a 21 year old male and I have been sick for 11 weeks now.  My symtoms that have persisted are extreme fatigue, nausia, and stomach pains.  I have had a colonoscopy, indoscopy, they have checked for parasites multiple times, and my blood has been checked.  They have also checked for mono.  I am also scheduled to have my gaul bladder tested this wedsnesday.  I have seen 2 physicians, and my GI doctor.  If this is negative, they have no idea what else to test for.  The GI doctor said he thinks I have IBS, but I have never heard of extreme fatigue and weakness being a symptom.  I am a pretty healthy guy, exersize every day previous to this, and now every day that I feel up to it, and I eat pretty well.  If anyone has any idea of any other tests I need, please let me know.
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Did you recently add Splenda (or another artificial sweetner) to your diet?


This page has a list of symptoms reported:

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  If your symptoms mimick those of appendicitis but your blood tests normal you may have a collection of undigested material in the cecum blocking the appendix. For years I suffered with abdominal pain thet eventually culminated in an attack that put me in the ER several times where symptoms would subside before the cause could be determined. A surgeon who evaluated me spoke of a condition he had observed as an ER surgeon who had removed many an appendix that later tested healthy. He called it the "P-Trap" Syndrome. If you eat certain high fibre foods not easily digestible they can collect in a pouch just outside the illeo-cecal valve near the appendix. Symptoms mimic appendicitis. Another surgeon told me he had seen a couple cases of chronic appendicitis that would flare up and settle down year after year never getting to the acute stage. If either of those theories sounds like your condition you may want to study them further.
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I have had extreeme fatigue and nausia too, off on on.
A month ago, I was diagnosed with extreemly low B12 levels. The dr. ordered me to get b12 shots every week for a month. This helped, somewhat, in my energy.
I am back to work now and have gone a month and just now gotten my monthly b12 shot. That was a week ago. I feel extreemly fatigued still and am confused as to why a weeklater I am feeling this way. I am wondering if I can take the b12 that disolves under my tongue and the shots. I need energy!
Oh, I have also had major abdominal pain that has started and I just fele it after swallowing a pill, eating or drinking somethign carbonated.
I had the same symtoms with my stomach pain, a coupel months ago, and they did every test known to man and it was normal.
Hopefully we can get some anwsers.
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I am 20 and I have suffered similiar symptoms for over a year now. I am tired daily no matter how much sleep I get. I don't have bowel movements regularly and when I do they are pebbles. I have an upset stomach almost daily and feel dizzy a lot. I get motion sickeness, but lately it's daily and for no real reason. Basically I feel sick everyday. My doctor has checked my blood, liver, and nutrient levels. Everything turned out normal. I eat fairly healthy. My doctor put me on anti-depressants hoping it'd help-it hasn't and I've been on it for two months. I feel helpless. Please can anyone help???!!! I feel so helpless and sick.
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Hey There, I too have been having intestinal pain, dizziness and weakness. Having recently been to Mexico, I immediately thought I contracted a parasite through food or unclean water.

I haven't seen a doctor yet, but looking online I found that fish tape worm infections cause a vitamin B12 deficiency. Worth checking out for yourself.

http://home.austarnet.com.au/wormman/wltape.htm  (just an example...lots of results through Google search)
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I've had the same issues for over 20 years, I was told IBS, Acid Reflux ,Colitis,Diverticulosis,Appendix, and even had surgery to remove the Gall Bladder that had decided to stop working. I am due to get another endoscopy done in a week but I figure it too will be normal. I get tired of the same old excuses but you have to stick with it. I did decide to find another doctor which is how I finally started getting the "real" tests done instead of being told it's just GERD. Keep looking for the smarter doctor I know I am! you're not alone and NO it is not in your head!

Hang Tight , mvsgirlfriend
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I am 20 and have had dizziness, fatigue, weakness, stomach pain, and acid reflux symptoms for close to a year now. I've lost a lot of weight (mostly because i don't eat as much as i used to).  They've tested me for about a million different things and have found nothing wrong. They have me on nexium and are hoping it will heal my acid reflux. I'm not sure if the fatigue is related to acid reflux or not. I hardly ever get out and do anything with my friends anymore because i just always feel sick and tired.  I feel pretty helpless as well because i just don't know what to do to feel better.  Any suggestions from anyone would be greatly appreciated!
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I also am 20 and having severe fatigue, no matter how long or little I sleep, dizziness and abdominal pain/being nauseous have become a part of my day. A little over a year ago I was sent to an oncologist because my white blood cell count and platelet count was high but they have ruled out cancer. When they started taking blood regularly I started passing out, and this had never happened before. Recently, where my thigh and abdomen meet, I have noticed severe pain there when I press on it, its strange and I'm not sure how to describe where it is. I'm getting frustrated with my doctors, telling me "its not cancer don't worry", when there is obviously something else wrong with me. It's gotten to the point where I cancel appointments because I know I'll hear the same damn thing over and over again.
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Have you considered celiac?
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I had almost the same exact thing when I was 19 and it turned out to be complications of mono. They missed testing for mono in the first blood panel and when you don't take care of yourself during mono, you get all the symptoms you mentioned. I had horrific stomach pains, which sometimes accompany mono. I was sick for months before they figured it out. Hopefully that's all it is. All you do for mono is rest, rest, rest. But as silly as it sounds, rest is crucial. I was sick for so long because I kept working and going to school. Had I stayed in bed for a week or two, I may have been fine.

Mono ranges from mild to severe, so maybe you have severe, complicated mono like I did.
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A related discussion, anyone having stomach pain-fatigue issues was started.
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It sounds like you are constipated. You need to get either smooth move from the grocery store or senna powder from the herbal store or order online.  You should go daily if not several times per day so all that waste is staying inside and making you feel so sick. Increase your water intake alkaline water is best if you have access to it and take something daily with fiber like flax seeds in your oatmeal.
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