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Prolonged headaches/leg pains

I would be truly grateful for any insight into what has been happening to me lately. I've been to the doctor several times and they keep dismissing me as just having muscular pain. They have done basic blood work on me, an x-ray of my chest (heart & lungs) and ankle, an EKG, an ultrasound of my leg, a neurological examination, and more recently, additional blood work for lyme disease and STDs. So far, everything has looked perfectly fine.

So, a month and a half ago I started getting headaches out of nowhere, never having them before in my life. These are tension headaches with occasional migraines that seem to fluctuate, sometimes worse than others, sometimes nothing at all. They are always accompanied by a stiff neck. A few days ago, while at home, I nearly passed out just sitting in my chair while in the middle of something, not from tiredness. I have started to feel dizzy and lightheaded most recently and as time goes on, I'm feeling more and more fatigued. These symptoms seem to be worse when I'm at my house, a place I moved into fairly recently.

In addition, two weeks ago, my foot started to feel strange, like the tendons or ligaments were aching, or being taxed, sometimes like someone was just pressing on various parts of my foot. These symptoms have since moved up my leg to my calf and knee, then over to the knee in the other leg. It doesn't feel like it's in my joints or muscles, just around them. i don't feel any weakness in my muscles or have any trouble walking. There is no swelling anywhere that I can see. There is also occasional twitches in my leg/foot, as well as my back, just things shaking for a second. Most recently, my upper lip started twitching.

Finally, I have a rash that looks a lot like Eczema. The problem here is that I was born with Eczema, so it's hard to tell if it's a symptom or not but I can say this is the worst Eczema I've ever had in my life, appearing all over my ankles (where I've never had it before) and appearing both in large patches and small circular spots (which I've also never seen before, or could be something else?).

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Have any of these MDs ordered a CT or MRi on you?  There is no way to tell for certain what you might have going on until one or both of those are done to rule out organic pathology.  If I were you, I would demand that they do one.  Also, it would be best if they would order a lumbar puncture (aka spinal tap) on you.  You must be persistent with these MDs or find a new primary care physician that will listen to your concerns and order diagnostics appropriately!  Good luck to you!
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Hmmmm this might sound abit crazy but go to a chiropractor and get your spine looked at :)
sometimes we just need abit of alignment  
pesky nerve pain is frustrating and sometimes blocks airways in the spine ..
i hope this helped you some way
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