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Prolonged leg swelling after long plane trip (not DVT)

About three months ago, I return after a long business trip from Japan
(16+ hours in the plane) and found that my left ankle was very
swollen. The initial swelling has gone down, but I still suffer from
pain and swelling (+ 1-3 cm in circumference) in the left leg (both
calf and thigh). In addition, I have a burning pain in my left hip,
often extending down the outside of my left thigh, whenever I sit or
lie down for any length of time. I've been repeatedly tested for DVT
(Deep Vein Thrombosis), but all tests have come back negative. I've
also had an MRI of the left leg and pelvic region that is negative. I
went to see a lymphedema therapist who said that lymphedema is very
unlikely in my case. I've had a bunch of blood tests (for thyroid
problems, etc.) that have also been negative.

I have to sleep in a cramped position with my left ankle above my left
knee above my left hip above my heart in order to keep the swelling
down. I've been have some back problems, but I think these are mostly
a result of poor sleeping position and compensation for the extra
weight in my left leg. I wear a custom-made 20-30 mmHg compression
stocking to keep the swelling down during the day. The swelling seems
to be worst after heavy exercise. Is there any other reasonable
explanation for swelling like this in one leg? Is nerve damage a
possibility? None of my local doctors have a clue what is going on.
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