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Prozac side effects-please read!!!!

I have been having really strange sensations in my body for 6 years, they range from bug crawling sensations, cold water feelings, and tickly feelings.  I have had numerous tests to rule out anything serious, and the only thing that was found was a bulging disk in my neck.  Well I have been taking Prozac to try to get me straightened around again and the feelings are so much more worse than before.  I know that sometimes anxiety is higher when you first start taking a AD, so, my question is, could it have been anxiety causing these symptoms all along, being the Prozac made the same symptoms worse?  Any thoughts, any one ever experience this type of thing?  Thanks, I'm really frustrated.
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I tried Prozac once, it was a horrible experience, mae my situation FAR worse so I stopped it. For me it was awful stuff.
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Hi jennywren:

I would like to suggest to you that: you change your anti-depressant. I say this because Prozac has many DANGEROUS SIDE-EFFECTS. Celexa or Wellbutrin-sr have far less dangerous side-effects. Also, you may also know, that going on/off anti-depressants you need to do this slowly. GOOD LUCK..TAKE CARE..KEMOSABI
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You've been taking it longer than a month right?  You should soon feel some relief from depression/anxiety.  You sounded pretty aggitated on the anxiety forum.  Are you feeling better at all? If not, then go back to the doctor.  You shouldn't have to live like that.

How old are you?  Peri-menopause has skin sensations as a common symptom.  I've  never taken Prozac but have found paxil very good.  It did give me sweating side affects (amongst others).  I have also had a cold feeling on the face as a symptom of anxiety but determined it was from my nose breathing onto my face in cold weather and being more sweaty.  Focussing on these things can make you feel anything.
A buzzing, electric type sensation is a very very common anxiety symptoms.

Good luck.  Try to stop reading the net if possible, it will just eat you up.

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Hi there, I will soon be 36, have wondered about perimenopause, my maternal gram went through menopause at 39, just one month there was no period and that was it.  But this gram also had MS, diagnosed when she was 60. She lived until she was 79, died from complications of heart surgery.  I am pretty agitated at this point, I started the Prozac to feel better, not worse.  I'm going to see a neurologist on Friday, I can't stand this anymore, 6 years has been enough.  Thanks for your support, it has been greatly appreciated.
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